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Travel Diary Category: Stay Reports
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"Arrival La Grande, Oregon Part 2: What I Found After Over 40 Years"
Interim Thoughts Made Since This Travel Diary Was Written
  Writing An Article For The Over 50 Web Site Eons     Posted: Wednesday 25 June 2008 12:28
Been working on my next article in a series about how and why to start an online business for the over 50 community web site

While writing it I used the example of turning a hobby into a niche business. Specifically, I used the Old Time Radio hobby as an example of how to find a hobby and build an online business around it.

In the process of doing this I found that there are several OTR Program selling web sites that have affiliate programs so I signed up for one.

This is a small step toward my new business model.
  Just Had An Idea For An Ideas Web Application.     Posted: Tuesday 24 June 2008 11:52
Sitting here at the Highway 30 Coffee Shop reading a copy of eWeek and I got an idea.

The idea was something else, but I was looking for where to record the idea. I already use all the obvious tools for this. I use MS Office Notes, digital audio recorder, a paper notebook and almost as often as the rest the back of a napkin.

Then the bright idea of creating an online note taking application based on this interim thoghts program I just created.

A place where I can quickly jot down an idea and have it added to a database. Being a web application I could access it from any computer any where. With it being a DB application I could manipulate the data anyway I want.

Unlike a napkin or digital audio recorder I can copy the ideas into any computer program I want or just print a custom report.

I get a lot of ideas so I might just take the time to program this.
  I Almost Forgot To Mention I Got A Haircut. Not Just any Haircut     Posted: Tuesday 24 June 2008 10:58
In the rush to chronicle my meeting with Lynn I forgot to mention I got a haircut.

Not just any haircut but a flat top. Every few years I get tired of combing my hair and that time came today.
  It Finally Happed, I Ran Into An Imbler Classmate     Posted: Tuesday 24 June 2008 10:33
I went for coffee this morning. I went to where I'am starting to consider my regular coffee shop. The Highway 30 Coffee Shop located in
downtown La Grande.

This morning, however, I ran into Lynn Henderson who was a few years behind me at Imbler. His sister Durenda Henderson was in my class.

What really amazed me was he remembered my name. As soon as I said my name was Plumlee he said I must be Ray.
  Decided To Go See The Hulk Instead Of Working     Posted: Monday 23 June 2008 18:59
I started to work by checking my email then checked my daily comics such as Pickles (my favorite), Lola, Beatle Baily, Sad Sack, Blondie, Dilbert and a few others.

Then I went to the La Grande Movies web site and saw The Hulk was on at 1:50 at the Granada. I had planned to go this past weekend but worked instead.

When I get motvated and work weekends I often don't feel like working on Monday. So I went and saw The Hulk.

After the movie I went and did my main weekly grocery shopping.

Now I'm back at my RV sitting back and watching the history of Ice cream deciding if I feel like working or not. I guess we will just have to see.
  Monday Morning Before Starting Work     Posted: Monday 23 June 2008 13:06
I awoke this morning at 7:00 AM but quickly rolled over and fell back asleep until 9:30.

It is another beautiful day so I made me a pot of coffee & set back to read a book of comics. It is a book of superman dailies from the beginning in 1939. I read the introduction which explained how Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster created the character. The first chapter, which is the story about Krypton and how his parents, Jor-L and Lora (spelled differently then than now), sent Kal-L to earth.

In the mornings I either go to a coffee shop for a bagel and coffee or I stay in. On days like today when I sleep in, I just stay home and relax until I get motivated enough to start work.

Well I'am now getting my motivation up and plan to get started. Later...
  I See A Couple Of Additions/Modifications I Need To Do     Posted: Sunday 22 June 2008 22:34
One use I can use this new web application for is recording things I need to do.

Such as I need to add a preview step so I can catch typos.

I also realize that I need to add another folding (hide/show) container so all these Interim thoughts don't show unless opened.
  Setting In My Lawn Chair Outside My RV     Posted: Sunday 22 June 2008 22:24
My new web Application is now operable. It took me about 5 hours to program nearly half of which was getting it integrated into my blog program.

Now I'm sitting outside kicked back with my feet up and enjoying a good stogie. I'm pretty pleased with myself. I had a good day.
  I Have Added The Mobile Interim Thought System.     Posted: Sunday 22 June 2008 21:03
This is me adding a short comment with my PDA.

Now I can post a thought or comment most any time I want. From just about anywhere I am. Neat!
  Changed My Weekend Plans     Posted: Sunday 22 June 2008 16:26
I mentioned in my previous Travel Diary that I was going to go up to to the Wallowa Lake area. Well it was overcast Saturday and I decided to wait until today. Instead I worked on my main business web site. I have changed my main business plan so I have been spending a lot of time on that site.

Today came along and though it was a bright and sunny day I didn't feel like going anywhere. Instead I worked some more on my main business web site and then programmed this new web application.

I call this web application an "Interim Thoughts" program where I can add short and quick little entries between main Travel Diary entries. I programmed it so I can add entries using my PDA so I can add thoughts on the fly, so to speak.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have been here now for just over 2 and a half weeks and have done some sightseeing around the valley. My very first impressions, and they haven't changed since arriving, are that not much has changed here over the last 40 plus years. Actually, that really has surprised me.

As mentioned in my previous Travel Diary we had a little snow last week. It was very bizarre considering it is mid June. Since then the weather has become a very pleasant 70 or so and sunny.

The Grande Ronde Valley is still very beautiful and during this time of the year a very green valley. The city of La Grande is where I saw a few changes but they are so subtle as to almost go unnoticed. The Drive-In Theater is still there which is rare these days. Most Drive-In Theaters have gone the way of the Dodo Bird. I haven't yet gone to the Drive-In Theater but plan to before the summer is over.

The Granada 3 Theater is in the same location as it was 40 years ago. However, when I was in High School it was a single theater with only one screen. Sometime over the past they subdivided the theater into 3 smaller ones. I think that was a brilliant idea. From the outside it looks pretty much the way I remember. I know I went there many times but I can only remember seeing one movie and that was Mondo Coni (I think yhat was the name) or maybe it was Mondo Bizzaro because it was a travelogue of bizarre things around the world. That was in 1966. Don't ask me why that was the only movie I remember seeing there.

Since I have been here I have gone to the Granada 3 Theater twice. Both times I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In fact I saw it twice.

One of the nice things about being in a rural American city is that they have the basic services with out all the crowds. Both times I went was the first matinee of a weekend showing and the most people in the theater were 5. Kick back, popcorn and soda in hand and just enjoy the movie.

Speaking of enjoying the movie I did enjoy watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was about as good as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and definitely better than Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Of course none are better than the original Raiders of the Lost Ark.

One disappointment is the lack of coffee shops. I have only found 3, come inside and sit down type of coffee shops. I actually found more drive thru coffee shops which I never use. I will discuss more about coffee shops in a later Travel Diary.

I also saw Nels-N-Out which is a drive through Burger shop that is still here. When I was in High School and until I joined the Navy we used to "Drag Adams" which is the main street through downtown La Grande. Nels-N-Out was a favorite stop for a Coke and frys. Another favorite of mine was the Arctic Circle drive in. I used to get me a different flavored shake every time I went into La Grande. Sorry to say it is no longer here.

Well enough about La Grande for now. I also have driven around the valley to see what has changed. I have visited Cove, Union, Elgin, Summerville and of course Imbler where I used to live. Our old house is still there. I find this amazing because that was over 40 years ago and the house must have been over 50 years old then.

Imbler hasn't changed that much either. The only retail store still in town is the Imbler Market. It was (I don't remember the exact name) called the Imbler Mercantile and Post Office or something like that. Anyway, it was the only store in town then and it sold a little of everything and included a Post Office and one gas pump. The Post Office is now in a regular Post Office building down the street and they no longer sell gas. Other than that they still try to sell a little of most everything.

The Imbler School where I graduated looked about the same. They have added some more buildings around it but overall not much of a change.

Elgin was another area I used to spend a lot of time when I lived here. I did drive around and take a look and it seems to also lasted the test of time without much growth or change. I will be here for their annual Elgin Stampede & Rodeo which is scheduled for July 9, 2008 - July 12, 2008. Perhaps I will celebrate my birthday by attending the Elgin Stampede on July 12th.

I will discuss more of what I have seen around the Grande Ronde Valley over the course of the summer. My next place to scout out will be the Wallowa Valley and some of the other places I used to visit such as Wallowa, Lostine, Enterprise, Joseph and Joseph Lake. I plan to head up to Wallow this coming weekend for a brief look then back again for The Chief Joseph Days which are scheduled for July 23 to July 27 2008.
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