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Travel Diary Category: RV Parks
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"Canton Multiplex RV Park, Canton, Mississippi"

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

This is the first of my reviews of RV Parks I have stayed at and will be included in the new category of RV Parks. This is in the hopes that I can help other RVers like myself find an RV Park via the Internet.

The Multipurpose Complex (or Multiplex) RV Park, Canton, Mississippi is not a true RV Park. It is an after thought added to the Multipurpose Complex. The Multiplex is a Canton City and Madison County Parks and Recreation community center that has a large hall for dances and athletic fields for various sports.  All in all it is a nice facility.

The RV Park itself is, like I said above, an after thought. What I mean by that is it is not really part of the Multiplex for the intended purpose of the Multiplex. I am just guessing of course but I believe it is intended as a low maintenance revenue source. I will explain more about this later.

When you arrive at the RV Park at the entry you will see a drop box with instructions how to pay for your nights stay (if over night only). The daily rate as of April 2007 is $15.00 per night including electricity. The weekly rate is 7 times that rate. I understand they have a monthly rate but I did not investigate it.

There are 48 sites, most pull through's all with cement patios.  Actually they are large cement slabs that you also park your rig on. I liked this about the park. After spending several weeks in Louisiana on dirt or gravel lots, the cement slabs were a welcome relief. Especially when it rained and during my stay in Canton, like Louisiana, it rained most days.

The RV Park is very quiet as it is about a 1/2 mile from the interstate and on secondary low traffic roads. I had only two complaints about my stay in the RV Park. One was the trash. There are no trash dumpsters at the RV Park itself. Rather it is a couple hundred yards away on the edge of the Multiplex grounds. The dumpster was full when I arrived and was not emptied for a week. I had to take the trash over to the other side of the Multiplex grounds.

My other complaint is the mail. I went in to the office the Monday morning after my arrival on Sunday to pay for my first weeks stay and got the mailing address for having mail delivered. I then notified the Escapee's RV Club mail forwarding service to send my mail. When I began expecting it to arrive I went to the Multiplex office to see if it had arrived I was told the mail hadn't been delivered. I was told that days mail hadn't been picked up from the mail box yet. I offered to go get it and when I did walk out to the street to get it I found the mail box had been knocked off of its pole and was laying on the ground. I opened it up and sure enough the mail was inside.

The following week, after lunch, I went to get the mail again and this time I had the Escapees to use delivery confirmation so I knew that the mail had been delivered the previous day at 12:36 PM. When I asked for my mail they told me they had not picked up the mail from yesterday yet.  So I went out to the mail box, that was again back on it's pole, and sure enough it was inside there.

Now you may wonder why I am taking the time to recount this story. Mail delivery is a serious business. Not just all the legal implications.  But for an RVer it could mean a lot of mail. Frequently there can be two or more weeks of mail in the one box including rental DVD movies, checks, bank statement etc. The cavalier attitude I encountered at the Canton Multiplex was disturbing. Mail was left over night in an unsecured (and in this case rickety) mail box gave me no feeling of comfort.

I do recommend staying at the RV Park for short stays but if you need your mail delivered I suggest you use the Canton Post Office and general delivery.

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