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Travel Diary Category: This-N-That
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"Getting Ready To Go To Boise, Idaho, The Olympics And My New Amazon Kindle"
Interim Thoughts Made Since This Travel Diary Was Written
  I Have Arrived In Meridian, Idaho     Posted: Wednesday 20 August 2008 15:46
I'm here in Meridian which is a Boise suburb and all setup.

Right now I'm kicking back and relaxing. In a little bit I will make a grocery run.
  Underway! Shift Colors, Departing For Boise, Idaho     Posted: Wednesday 20 August 2008 9:44
Just a quick note to say I am about to depart La Grande, Oregon. It should take about 4 hours to make the transit.

If anything comes up during transit I will post it here with my PDA. Needless to say I hope nothing too exciting happens.
  Leaving La Grande, Oregon For Boise, Idaho Tomorrow     Posted: Tuesday 19 August 2008 17:19
Well, the end of a very pleasant 3 months has come to an end. I will be departing La Grande tomorrow morning.

My current plan is to stay about two months then head south for the winter. Ah! The Life of a digital nomad!
  Wow! It's Hot!     Posted: Sunday 17 August 2008 20:18
The outside temperature is 102 degrees. Today is the first time it has been over a hundred this summer here in La Grande. In fact we have had only 7 or 8 days over 90 all summer.

I plan to leave La Grande, Oregon and move back to Boise, Idaho this coming Wednesday or Thursday. So I went to the Weather Channel web site and looked at the 10 day forecast for both La Grande and Boise and saw that this coming Wednesday and Thursday the temperature will be in the mid 80's which will make for a nice travel day.
  Congratulations Michael Phelps     Posted: Saturday 16 August 2008 21:28
I just had to get out my PDA and say my congratulations to Michael Phelps for his amazing and unprecedented 8 Gold Medals in a single Olympic game.

Go Michael!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I will be departing La Grande, Oregon for Boise, Idaho, either Wednesday or Thursday. Suffice it to say I have really enjoyed my stay here. My first visit, more than a pit stop as I travelled East or West on Interstate 84, since 1966. My last visit was for two weeks leave after completing Navy Boot Camp and just prior to my departure to Japan.

Up until the last couple of days the weather has been a very moderate 75 to 85 degrees. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to spike at 102 degrees then the very next day start dropping until Thursday, my probable departure date, when it is forecast to be 67 degrees. I can not complain about the heat, during my stay here in La Grande, which is what I try to avoid.

This past week has been one of the busiest weeks I have had in over a year. Yes, I was working very hard with extended hours on my new business venture, mentioned briefly in a previous posting. But I was also busy just as much for the Olympics. With my fingers clicking on the keyboard and one or two (when the action was on) eyes over my shoulder watching the games.

With a lot of work to get done the Olympics have made it a bit hard to keep up. Unlike most people, as a Full Time RVer, I have a mobile satellite subscription that allows me to get both major networks east and west coast feeds. I get an NBC station in New York and one in Los Angeles so if I miss an event on the NBC East feed I can just wait 3 hours and catch it on the NBC West station. Needless to say I am getting plenty of Olympics this time.

Every time the Olympics come on, if I am in a position to watch them I do. My first Olympics to pay close attention to was the 1972 Munich Olympics. That was the one where Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in a single Olympiad. That record remaining unequaled until this Olympics when Michael Phelps tied Mark Spitz with 7 Gold Medals at this years Beijing Olympics. And today he is scheduled for his 8th event where he could possibly break Mark Spitz's record with 8 Gold Medals. I for one will be rooting for him tonight.

The 1972 Munich Olympics are also notable to me because it was the first time I watched women's gymnastics. Like most of the rest of the world I fell in love with Olga Korbut in that Olympics she won 4 medals: 3 Gold, 1 Silver. In the process becoming a world sports icon.

During the years 1966 and 1994 I was in the Navy and not always able to watch the Olympics. In those days Navy ships didn't have satellite TV available. But in the summer of 1972 I was in transit between the USS Norton Sound AVM-1 and Navy Telecommunications Station, Yokosuka, Japan. To be more specific the Microwave and Tandem Switching Center in Yokohama, Japan.

While in between these two duty stations I was attending a Navy Class "C" Technical School at the Navy Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois. As I was already school trained on most of what that school taught it was not a hard course so I was able to spend time watching the Olympics after classes. My favorite place to watch the Olympics was the Rathskeller Club in the Navy Hospital and Navy Corpsman School part of the base. The last place I watched it but would if I couldn't watch it anywhere else was the TV lounge in the "Snipes Castle" which was the unofficial name of the barracks where we "snipes" or engineering ratings where quartered.

"Snipes Castle" was an open bay barracks and the slum of the entire base. For example one night it rained harder than I had ever seen and maybe ever since and the Snipes Castle flooded out with at least 6 inches of water on the ground floor. And yes, you guessed it my bunk was on the ground floor. I spent have the night in my top bunk (fortunate for me) watching the lightning and the water rising on the floor of the room I was in. That was a night I will never forget.

And if my busy work schedule and the Olympic games were not enough to keep me busy, I got me a new gadget Toy. I got me an Amazon Kindle digital book reader. I really enjoy the Amazon Kindle. In recent years I have been using audio books as my book reader and that is still what I use when I am driving or working at my computer. For example I am listening to Leo Laporte's Podcast "The Tech Guy" as I write this.

You will be hearing more from me as I get more time to use my new Amazon Kindle digital book reader. I have subscribed to the Wall Street Journal Digital edition and to several blogs. What is really neat about the Amazon Kindle is that when I get up in the morning the WSJ and the various blogs I subscribed to are there waiting for me to read while having my morning coffee. It doesn't matter whether I am at home having my coffee or downtown at the Highway 30 Eatery and Coffee Shop the handy little Amazon Kindle is right there easily at hand for reading.

Stay tuned for more insights into my use of the Amazon Kindle going forward. I believe this is going to be a life changing necessity and may very well put the nail into the coffin of traditional print media. Now I don't mean life changing in the same way as having a child, is life changing but in a way that will impact our daily life by how we read our news, magazines and books.

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