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Travel Diary Category: This-N-That
Travel Diary Title:
"Having Second Thoughts About Spending The Winter In Boise, Idaho"

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

For the first time since I have been living in the Treasure Valley in and around Boise, Idaho, if my memory serves me correctly, it snowed before Thanksgiving. And in the last two weeks it has been below freezing in the morning almost every day. Several of which were in the lower 20's.

Now there are some really important reasons for me to break off my traveling and spend the winter here. Specifically, for me to spend some time with my granddaughter so we can get to know each other. That reason is still paramount.

However, one of the factors I considered was my memories of the Treasure Valley usually having mild winters. Well if this past couple of weeks is any indicator I may very well wish I had waited for another year to spend the winter here in the Boise area.

Speaking of my granddaughter Ellery, I have really enjoyed spending time with her. She has gotten to come spend the day with me now 3 times. What a treasury of memories those times are. We have gone for milk and a muffin at my favorite coffee shop Carolyn's Wild West Bakery and Espresso.

We have gone to the local Fun Palace named Boondocks where we had been to about a year ago when I was here last time. I was disappointed this time because there were less rides and games for young children to play. My son Ray met us there after he got off work and he agreed that it was not as small kid friendly as it was the last time we were there. So our next plan is to visit Pojos or Chuck E Cheese's or both rather than go back to Boondocks.

While I am at it I will bring you up to date generally. I recently picked up a new client that has given me the largest single PHP and MySQL project I have ever had. So you can well imagine what I am doing now and will work hard to complete well before the Christmas Holiday.

Just so you don't think I am all work and no play I am going to mention something I do when I am not working and that is watch Science Fiction TV shows and Movies. Now I have never had any intention to turn this blog into a movie review blog and I still don't but this movie was special and I feel the necessity to tell you about it.

The Movie is Jerome Bixby's “The Man From Earth” (2007). It is sort of a time travel movie but no one actually travels through time. It’s an intellectual movie where the entire film is a group of people sitting around a cabin discussing theories and what if's.

The premise is the lead character Professor John Oldman (David Lee Smith), who is suddenly leaving his position after 10 years at an unnamed university with no apparent reason such as a new and better position at another university. Several of his colleagues suddenly arrive for an impromptu farewell party. They gather around a small cabin living room chatting about why he is leaving. Once Oldman is pressed by his friends he tells them he is in fact thousands of years old, having survived since the Paleolithic era when he began life as a caveman. And since he does not age, he leaves a place every ten years or so in order to avoid suspicion about his not aging.

His friends begin to wonder if he is mad or pulling their legs with a prank? Or is he telling the truth? His colleagues, all intellectuals and experts in their respective fields, try to catch him off guard by questioning him. Is he really an immortal? Can he die? How does one exist for over 14,000 years and live to tell about it? The discussion deals with many related topics such as does an immortal believe in religion? But more important to each of his visitors is how such wild ideas were coming from someone they thought they had known for the last ten years?

“The Man From Earth” is based on the last story ever written by sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby, who was said to have finished the story on his deathbed, has created an undeniably fascinating “What If” story.

I found “The Man From Earth” hard to describe. I can only recommend that you either buy the DVD or rent it. You will not be disappointed. With all the action (or lack of action) taking place in the living room of a rural cabin you will find that this is science fiction at its very best, the kind that challenges your view of the world.

See this movie!

“The Man From Earth” (2007)
Richard Schenkman (director) / Jerome Bixby (screenplay)
David Lee Smith … John Oldman
Annika Peterson … Sandy
John Billingsley … Harry
William Katt … Art
Tony Todd … Dan
Ellen Crawford … Edith
Richard Riehle … Gruber
Alexis Thorpe … Linda
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