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Travel Diary Category: This-N-That
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"I Had A Good And Interesting Week, Home Emergencies And Family Visits"
Interim Thoughts Made Since This Travel Diary Was Written
  Looks Like The Lazy Day's Of Summer Are Over For Me     Posted: Thursday 17 July 2008 13:35
Well, my long standing client, that has been promising to call me for the past week about a business proposal, finally called last night.

He made his pitch and I believe I will go with it. It is a proposal where I will do the programming for his new business venture and I will get a piece of the action. I can't go into too much detail here, but needless to say, if we get this venture off the ground the sky is the limit.

I have known, all along, that a break into the big time was coming my way. However, I have been wondering just when it was going to take place. I guess we all are asking that question. I actually thought it would more likely come through this Traveling web site. I was thinking that some news organization would find this site, which is truly unique, and write up an article about it or a TV news/travel channel would do a piece on it. It has been 5 years now since I started this full time RV traveling and living in various RV Parks and no one has yet to make me known to the world.

That has been a little disappointing to me. Granted, I have never tooted my own horn by submitting requests to these institutions to consider doing a piece on my unique lifestyle. When I say unique lifestyle, I am talking specifically about my being a nomad or gypsy web programmer that runs a full time web programming and internet consulting business from wherever I am.

The from wherever I am, is based on my continuing to run my online business from my RV and whichever RV Park I am at, while in 17 different states and 2 foreign countries. The number of states will increase but so will the countries because my dream is to book passage and circumnavigate the globe on commercial cargo ships (more on this dream in a later posting). Of course that dream has to hold off a bit until the internet is more readily available while ships are at sea.

My business has allowed me to have some play money and, though relatively undiscovered, has allowed me to pay for my toys, and believe me I have my toys. A cell phone, a PDA, 2 laptops and my UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) all capable of being connected to the internet via broadband connections with Sprint and Verizon EVDO cards. Plus toys like 2 iPods for listening to Podcasts, both XM (inside my RV) and Sirius (in my Truck) Satellite Radios and DirectTV Satellite TV so I can watch lots of different channels from virtually anywhere I am. Those are the bigger more frequent and most expensive toys. There are others.

Back to my clients offer. It appears my skills as a programmer are going to be what kicks me up to that next notch and not my unique lifestyle, as I always thought it would. Oh well, I guess it does not matter how it happens as long as it does. Because my goals and dreams are expensive and whichever path gets me there is fine by me.
  I Had An Epiphany This Morning     Posted: Wednesday 16 July 2008 14:05
This morning, while having coffee at the Highway 30 Eatery, I had an epiphany. I have been writing a series of articles about how to start and run an online business. In the process of writing the article about what a business niche is and why one should exploit an under filled niche, when I suddenly realized that I was an expert in a very definitive niche.

There are plenty of resources available for living and why to live the RV lifestyle. There are quite a number of resources for starting and running an online business.

A careful web search shows that there are not many resources out there that are about starting and running an online business while living the RV lifestyle.

So I have decided to start writing a series of articles on that very topic here in my Travel Diary. In my first article I will discuss RVing and the effects of the price of gas on that lifestyle, at least how I perceive it. Hopefully others will add their comments and ideas on the subject.
  Quiet Evening Just Relaxing     Posted: Saturday 12 July 2008 22:57
This afternoon I checked the TV listings and saw that ION TV was showing a retelling of Jules Verne's Journey To The Center Of The Earth. The movie was a remake of the 1999 mini series Journey To The Center Of The Earth with Treat Williams. In fact it is so much a remake of that story that like the 1999 version it has little or no resemblance to the original story by Jules Verne. It's more of a version akin to Edgar Rice Burroughs At the Earth's Core.

My client didn't call today so it looks like it will be Sunday afternoon. We'll see.
  After Action Report For The La Grande, Oregon Crazy Day's     Posted: Saturday 12 July 2008 20:37
I got down town about 10:00 AM and as I suspected Adams was all blocked off for about 4 or 5 blocks with various side walk vendors and special events on the street itself.

I first stopped by the Highway 30 Eatery which is my favorite coffee shop here in La Grande and got me a coffee and then I walked around Adams Ave. taking a few pictures.

There was the typical dunking tank with no shortage of volunteers to be in the dunking seat. There was one of the Fire Engine Snorkel rigs set up to spray water all over the kids and others who wanted to play in the spray. I guess it was just more for fun than the heat because it was only in the high seventies.

There were basketball hoops set up to create several half courts with various teams going at it.

After making the grand tour of Adams I ended up back up at the Highway 30 Eatery and got a fresh cup of coffee and set outside for most of an hour just enjoying the cool breeze and scenery that was walking back and forth in the street.

Then I started back toward the RV Park but stopped off at Blockbusters to see if their were any movies I wanted to see. But no, nothing special.

After I got back I was still feeling a little out of sorts from last evenings over indulgence. So I took a couple hour nap. I feel much better now.
  Heading Out The Door For La Grande's Crazy Days     Posted: Saturday 12 July 2008 11:17
I was just about ready to leave to go to Crazy Days when I got a call from a long standing client who had arranged to call me the other night but didn't. He first apologized then quickly rearranged to call me this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

Like I said in a previous posting this is supposed to be a call about a business proposal. Now in this clients case it can be something really big and exciting or it can be something I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

I will just have to wait and see.

Anyway, I really am heading out the door now for the La Grande Crazy Days.

Oh by the way. Say happy birthday Ray! Yep, I turned the big 61 today.
  My Tribute to Tony Snow     Posted: Saturday 12 July 2008 11:11
I awoke this morning with a headache (read last nights post for why) and as I always do I turned on my XM Satellite Radio and heard that Tony Snow had passed away at the age of 53 of colon cancer.

I felt as though I knew Tony Snow because I have either been listening to him or watching him on radio and TV for years and years. After my retirement from the Navy in 1994 I started to pay more attention to the news. He quickly became one of my favorite talk show hosts and later TV news anchor. I of course knew he had been battling cancer for the last few years so wasn't totally surprised of his passing.

Tony was one of those congenial guys that regardless of the side of the political aisle they were on which was likable to everyone regardless of political stance. Another journalist, who in this way was like Tony Snow, was Tim Russert who also passed away very recently. The two of them were one of the last few people in the political arena that did not bring bitterness to the political discussion.

I will miss you Tony as I already miss Tim Russert.
  Global Warming Is A Real Problem     Posted: Friday 11 July 2008 22:18
I had to go in and put some pants and socks on it is so cool.

This global warming is a real problem (tounge in cheek). Here it is 11 July and I'am downright chilly.

Now I'am not complaining because I know how quickly this can change.

I will just enjoy the cool July as long as I can.
  Pulled Some Sailors Liberty     Posted: Friday 11 July 2008 22:03
It's been years since I pulled liberty like I used to do when I was a young sailor.

Of course I was much better at it 40 years ago. Well, to NOT use the same phrase we did in the Navy, I got a little "tipsy" tonight. Like I said it has been years since I pulled that kind of liberty.

I'm now back at the RV Park setting outside my RV listening to an OTR program. Specifically The Space Patrol.

While I'm at it the evening is very nice but surprisingly cool for 11 July. It is 70 degrees right now.

I just realized that tommorow is my birthday. I no longer celebrate birthdays but I may figure out some way to recognize the event.
  I Took A Meritorious Afternoon Off     Posted: Friday 11 July 2008 19:34
One of the nice things about my life style is I usually work when I feel like it and play hookie if I don't.

About 4:00 PM I finished what I had planned for the day and thought what the heck. I looked up the movie schedule for the La Grande Granada theater and saw that the movie Hancock was on at 4:20 so I hot footed lt down there and watched it.

It's good movie, well worth watching. I really enjoy Will Smith. I will review it more in a later posting.

While I was downtown I noticed they are already having crazy days. There were a number of sidewalk sales and vendors out. I didn't stay for any of that tonight. I plan to check it out Saturday.

Now, as I write this I am in the Denny's Coctail Lounge. I have been here nearly six weeks and this is my first time in the lounge. I'm going to close for now and enjoy a couple of cold Coor's.
  Working Out What I Want To Do This Weekend     Posted: Friday 11 July 2008 11:51
I was sort of playing with the idea of going up to Wallowa Lake, Joseph, Enterprise and of course Wallowa town itself this weekend.

Then on the radio station KLBM La Grande 1450 AM this morning I heard that La Grande is having their "crazy days" this weekend. So I will probably just hang around downtown this weekend. As I understand it Adams Ave. in the center of town will be converted into an open air market with the traffic diverted around it.

I usually enjoy these kind of party's everyone is out to have a nice day and the weather should be very mild. For example today's high is supposed to be about 80. Now that is what I call perfect weather.

I also want to watch that new Will Smith movie Hancock. I like most anything Will Smith does so don't expect to be disappointed.

I also need to get some work done. As I mentioned in a previous posting I made a sale for a couple of custom CMS (Content Management System) web sites. These types of sites are web sites that the user can easily build a huge web site with thousands of pages and not understand any web programming. I would like to get a quick start on putting these up so will probably spend some time this weekend on that project.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

It has been an interesting week this week. Interesting only because there were a few extra things going on that were a break from my normal routine.

I bought me several new audio books. My latest is a book called "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson. It is actually the first non fiction audio book I ever heard and I am really enjoying it. He is discussing the new internet economy and why niche products can be big business now thanks to the internet.

Once I have finished reading (that is what they call it instead of saying listening to it) I will write a review of "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson. May not post it on this site but on my business site.

I am planning to write a book about how I became and being a Traveling Webmaster. In addition to working up my outline I have been doing some brain storming. Putting my thoughts down on paper.

Doing it this way would normally mean I still would need to type it all up. Well I bought me a program called Dragon Speaking which allows me to dictate my notes and the software will type it for me. That is the way it is supposed to work. And I think it will.

It seems I have to train the program as well as train myself how to use it. Actually, it seems pretty easy. I will let you know how that works out after I have used it for a while.

In addition to playing around with the Dragon Speaking program I have been working on integrating a new web site design and layout for my business web site The way I created that web site it has a sort of switch where I can just flip it and it will switch the entire web site over to the new design. What you see today is my old design because I still need to do some tweaking. In a day or two I will flip that switch and go over to the new design.

In a few weeks I will integrate another design and then periodically switch back and forth between the various designs. Got to keep the visitors guessing whether they are on the right web site or a new one.

My one oops for the week was a flood in my RV. Wednesday night I was watching some TV one evening when I heard a pop and all 3 of my cats jumped straight up in the air. At first I didn't see anything then a few minutes later I went to the head and stepped in a puddle of water soaking through my carpet.

I immediately went out and turned the water off. After rummaging around in my basement (yes a 5th wheel RV has a basement) I found where a hose had blown off. I fixed that the I spent the rest of the eveing and most of the next day drying my carpet. I guess I still need a little excitement once and awhile.

On ThursdayI heard on the La Grande radio station KLBM 1450 AM, that Imbler was having an independence day parade at noon on the 4th. Then some sort of picnic at the local Baptist Church after the parade.

I don't remember Imbler having a 4th of July parade when I lived there. So I thought I would wonder over that way and see if anyone is left from my days. I enjoyed the parade very, very much. It was well attended with several hundred people lining both sides of the main street. Actually I was a little surprised to see that many people. I sort of was planning to stay for the BBQ but the line had over a hundred people in it. I don't know about you but I had enough of chow lines in the Navy.

I took some pictures and videos of the parade. I will add some to this Travel Diary entry in a day or two so check back.

On Saturday I started off by going for coffee but finding the Highway 30 Eatery and Coffee Shop was not open. I guessed they are taking a long holiday weekend. So ended up going to Denny's for breakfast and then on to Starbucks for coffee.

Now I want you to know that I think Starbucks has the best coffee out there. But I prefer a local non "clone" coffee shop. But when the only one around is not open I will go to Starbucks.

One other reason I prefer to go to a local, non clone coffee shop, is that Starbucks, not too long ago, made a business decision to stop cooking food. The reason behind that decision they said was the smell of cooking food interfered with the smell of the coffee. So they no longer make any breakfast sandwiches or even toast their bagels. That was the limit for me. I really enjoy a toasted bagel with two cream cheeses with my coffee. I can still get a bagel with cream cheese at Starbucks but not a toasted bagel. I hope they soon realize the mistake they are making and rectify it soon.

I read the other day that Starbucks was going to close 600 stores here in the US. They claimed that it was do to the slow down in the economy. I wonder. Some of that may have it's roots in that business decision to not cook any food inside their stores. Could be.

On Sunday my son Ray, his wife Jennifer and my granddaughter Ellery stopped by here in La Grande, Oregon on their way to the Oregon coast to visit for a day and stay over night.

So part of the day was me kind of getting organized and ready for their visit. The rest of the day I have been doing some research for the book I am writing (more on a future posting).

On Sunday afternoon my kids arrived from Boise.  Ray, Jennifer and Ellery and I spent most of the afternoon and evening at the La Grande Rendezvous RV Park setting outside my RV watching Ellery ham it up. She got a Princess Ariel, as in The Little Mermaid, jewelry set complete with a tiara.

Jennifer and I are videoing her put her jewels on and off, on and off. Did I say on and off? That is an under statement. I will add a picture of Ellery and her jewels here in a day or two.

We had a free dinner at Pizza Hut where we ordered a large Supreme minus the mushrooms. That's where the Free comes in. On the original pizza they forgot to hold the mushrooms. So for waiting for the new pizza there was no charge. Dinner cost only ten bucks for drinks and bread sticks. Some days just work out that way.

We then went back to the RV Park and Ray and Jennifer went for a drive so it was just Ellery and me. I'm getting some practice putting her new earings and necklace on. And I do mean practice. She has the taking off part down pat.

Ray and Jennifer came back and brought a small chocolate birthday cake for me and a really neat Twilight Zone birthday card. They remembered my birthday was next week on the 12th  and since they won't be here we celebrated tonight.

Later that eveing they left to go back to their room at the La Grande Inn. We will get together again in the morning for breakfast before they head on to the Oregon coast. Since I live in an RV and don't really have a spare bedroom (sofa making into a bed is not the same) I put up visitors in a local motel. As often as I do this it works out great.

Monday morning we all met for breakfast at Denny's and had a nice time chatting. I was enjoying watching Ellery. She is so cute and I will miss her a lot. Last winter Ellery was spending several hours a day, a couple of times a week and I was getting spoiled, with just me while her parents either were just having some time to themselves or I was acting as a stop gap for when both parents were busy. In either case I really enjoyed that time we had together.

Our time together was a true joy. I am looking forward to getting back to Boise. My current plan is to be back there at the end of August.

Speaking of the end of August, to hear Ray tell it, they have had a really hot summer. He said they have already had several days over 105. I am darn glad I am here. We have only had a couple of days just over 90. Now that's more like it.

Anyway, they are off and I sure will miss them, especially Ellery.

The weather has been so nice that I have been spending a lot of time just relaxing and listening to some of my OTR programs. My current playlist is of about 75 episodes of Buzz Corey and Cadet Happy of the Space Patrol. They also did TV episodes but I am just listening to the OTR shows.

I also have been watching some classic TV shows. This week I watched an episode each of Mission Impossible, The Love Boat, Chips and Emergency!

I also have spent some leisure time reading some comics. One in Particular is The Batman Chronicles V. 1 which is the chronological reprinting of every Batman tale from every comic in which he starred, beginning with "the Case of the Chemical Syndicate" from Detective Comics #27 (dated May, 1939). One I particularly enjoyed was the one that introduced The Joker to the series.

Princess Ellery Dressed As The Mermaid Princess
Princess Ellery Dressed As The Mermaid Princess
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