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Happy 46th Birthday to my son Ray!

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Travel Diary Category: This-N-That
Travel Diary Title:
"I Have Settled Into a Routine Here In La Grande, Oregon"
Interim Thoughts Made Since This Travel Diary Was Written
  Just Hanging Around Since The Kid Left     Posted: Thursday 10 July 2008 18:54
I haven't done much other than work, listen to OTR programs and go to the coffee shop since the kids left Monday.

The main projects I have been working on over the past couple of days is a site redesign of my main business web site:

In addition to the redesign I have been converting this Travel Diary which is based on the concept of a blog. But I don't plan to use it as a blog on Instead I have been modifying it to be a latest news program complete with visitor comments. For now I don't see any use of the "interim thoughts" function like I have on this web site. Maybe later I will see a use for it there.

One of my longest standing clients called me this afternoon asking to schedule a call with me this evening after 8:00 but before 9:00 PM. He said he has a business proposal for me.

Of course I am curious, he has been a big player in the past but I haven't done much with him in the last year or so. I will just have to wait until tonight to see what he is up to.
  My Kids Are Now On Their Way To The Oregon Coast     Posted: Monday 7 July 2008 13:12
We all met for breakfast at Denny's and had a nice time chatting. I was enjoying watching Ellery. She is so cute and I will miss her a lot. Last winter Ellery was spending several hours a day with just me while her parents either were just having some time to themselves or I was acting as a stop gap for when both parents were busy. In either case I really enjoyed that time we had together. It was happening at least once a week and I was getting spoiled.

Our time last evening was a true joy. I am looking forward to getting back to Boise. My current plan is to be back there at the end of August.

Speaking of the end of August, to hear Ray tell it, they have had a really hot summer. He said they have already had several days over 105. I am darn glad I am here. We have only had a couple of days just over 90. Now that's more like it.

Anyway, they are off and I sure will miss them, uh Ellery.
  The Kids Are Back To The La Grande Inn For The Evening     Posted: Sunday 6 July 2008 22:13
Ray and Jennifer came back and brought a small chocolate birthday cake for me and a really neat Twilight Zone birthday card. They remembered my birthday was next week and since they won't be here we celebrated tonight.

They have left to go back to their room at the La Grande Inn. We will get together again in the morning for breakfast before they head on to the Oregon coast.

I'm now setting in front of my RV again this evening. I am listening to Buzz Corey and Cadet Happy of the Space Patrol. These are episodes from the Old Time Radio program. They also did TV episodes but I am just listening to the OTR shows.
  Back From Dinner, an Almost Free Dinner Too!     Posted: Sunday 6 July 2008 20:55
We had dinner at Pizza Hut and we ordered a large Supreme minus the mushrooms. That's where the Free comes in. On the original pizza they forgot to hold the mushrooms. So for waiting for the new pizza there was no charge. Dinner cost only ten bucks for drinks and bread sticks. Some days just work out that way.

Were back at the RV now and Ray and Jennifer went for a drive so it just Ellery and me. I'm getting some practice putting her new earings and necklace on. And I do mean practice. She has the taking off part down pat.

I'm sure going to miss them after tommorow.
  My Kids Are Here     Posted: Sunday 6 July 2008 17:39
Ray, Jennifer and Ellery are here. We are setting outside my RV watching Ellery ham it up. She got a Princess Ariel, as in The Little Mermaid, jewelry set complete with a tiara.

Jennifer and I are videoing her put her jewels on and off, on and off. Did I say on and off? That is an under statement. I will add a picture of Ellery and her jewels in my next Travel Diary entry.

Were getting ready to go for dinner at Pizza Hut. More later.

  Typical Saturday And Getting Ready For My Kids To Visit Tommorow     Posted: Saturday 5 July 2008 18:53
Started today off by going for coffee but finding the Highway 30 Eatery and Coffee Shop was not open. I guess they are taking a long holiday weekend. So ended up going to Denny's for breakfast and then on to Starbucks for coffee.

Now I want you to know that I think Starbucks has the best coffee out there. But I prefer a local non "clone" coffee shop. But when the only one around is not open I will go to Starbucks.

One other reason I prefer to go to a local, non clone coffee shop, is that Starbucks, not too long ago, made a business decision to stop cooking food. The reason behind that decision they said was the smell of cooking food interfered with the smell of the coffee. So they no longer make any breakfast sandwiches or even toast their bagels. That was the limit for me. I really enjoy a toasted bagel with two cream cheeses with my coffee. I can still get a bagel with cream cheese at Starbucks but not a toasted bagel. I hope they soon realize the mistake they are making and rectify it soon.

I read the other day that Starbucks was going to close 600 stores here in the US. They claimed that it was do to the slow down in the economy. I wonder. Some of that may have it's roots in that business decision to not cook any food inside their stores. Could be.

Like I mentioned the other day my son Ray, his wife Jennifer and my granddaughter Ellery are stopping by here in La Grande, Oregon on their way to the Oregon coast to visit for a day.

So part of today was me kind of getting organized and ready for their visit. The rest of the day I have been doing some research for the book I am writing (more on a future posting).

I also have spent some leisure time reading some comics. One in Particular is The Batman-Chronicles-Vol-Bill-Finger/dp/tags-on-product/1401204457/&tag=worwidwebhel-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325" target="_blank">Batman Chronicles V. 1 which is the chronological reprinting of every Batman tale from every comic in which he starred, beginning with "the Case of the Chemical Syndicate" from Detective Comics #27 (dated May, 1939). One I particularly enjoyed was the one that introduced The Joker to the series.

Well enough for now. More next time.

  Back From The Imbler Parade     Posted: Friday 4 July 2008 15:42
I enjoyed the parade very, very much. It was well attended with several hundred people lining both sides of the main street. Actually I was a little surprised to see that many people.

I took some pictures and videos of the parade. I will add some to my next Travel Diary entry.

I sort of was planning to stay for the BBQ but the line had over a hundred people in it. I don't know about you but I had enough of chow lines in the Navy.
  I'm Off To The Imbler, Oregon 4th Of July Parade And Picnic     Posted: Friday 4 July 2008 12:13
I'm heading out the door in a few minutes. I will probably do at least one more interim thought after I have come back from the parade. Unless I see or hear something noteworthy while there.
  Life Is Good     Posted: Friday 4 July 2008 1:19
Yes Sir, life is good!

Finished working and I'm setting in my lawn chair outside my RV. It's nice enough outside where I'm wearing shorts and enjoying a stogie. I'm enjoying the stars and a very pleasant breeze.

For me a simple and quiet lifestyle is all I ask for.

While I'm at it I'm thinking about what new feature to add to my business web site

I'm thinking my business site is about ready for a blog. I will use the program I created for this web site. My Travel Diary. Of course it won't be travel based but will be focused on starting and running an online business. That's because that is the purpose of

But first I will go to the Imbler parade this afternoon. Then maybe I will get it installed.

This program is now mature enough to be used for a business blog.

The only thing I'm still pondering is how will I use this "Interim Thoughts" feature. I will have to think on that some more. After all it is an optional feature that I can either use or not use.

It is well past midnight, I need to start thinking about heading to bed.

Good night!
  My 4th Of July Plans     Posted: Thursday 3 July 2008 23:28
I heard on the Radio this morning, KLBM La Grande 1450 AM, that Imbler had an independence day parade at noon. Then some sort of picnic at the local Baptist Church after the parade.

I don't remember Imbler having a 4th of July parade when I lived there. So I think I will wonder over that way tomorrow and see if anyone is left from my days.
  Another Late Night And Late Morning Start     Posted: Thursday 3 July 2008 14:06
As you can imagine, after my little flood last night, I was late getting to bed again.

Which means I was late getting up this morning. I was planning to go for coffee but I was faced with a still very wet carpet. So instead of going for coffee I went to work dabbing up as much of the remaining water as I could. This is going to be tougher than I expect.

Despite all the disruptions in my sleep habits I am really charged for getting some work done so I will go ahead and get some more work done today on my business web site
I will discuss later today what my 4th of July plans are.
  Oops! Had A Flood At 10:00 PM     Posted: Thursday 3 July 2008 0:14
I heard a pop and all 3 of my cats jumped straight up in the air.

At first I didn't see anything then a few minutes later I went to the head and stepped in a puddle of water soaking through my carpet.

I immediately went out and turned the water off. After rummaging around in my basement I found where a hose had blown off. I fixed that now I'm drying my carpet.

I guess I still need a little excitement once and awhile.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I like staying in a rural areas near or even in a small town/city. A very good example is La Grande, Oregon. La Grande is a really nice small city with most of the basic services available. And a very beautiful setting as it is nestled in a tea cup type of valley with scenic mountains in every direction.

As much as I love being here I have found myself already falling into a routine. For me this is usually the first step on the way to my getting bored and my feet starting to itch. This has been a life long state of mind for me. I guess it helps to explain why I spent nearly 30 years in the  Navy. Where else can a person work for the same "company" all that many years, yet work in a different geographical location every 3 or 4 years. I have long faced the fact that I am a gypsy. I don't think I have gypsy blood but I sure have the soul of a gypsy.

Let me give you an example of what my daily routine has become. Most mornings I go for coffee first thing. The only shortfall I have really felt here in La Grande is the lack of coffee shops. I don't mean places to get coffee. There are plenty of drive thru coffee shops and even a Starbucks. But a true local "Mom and Pop" owned coffee shop where people can gather and socialize over coffee and a bagel.

I have found only one here in La Grande and it is the Highway 30 Eatery and Coffee Shop. The owners, a young couple, work very hard to make their coffee shop a success. They have the right work ethic and I feel they are going to succeed. The Highway 30 Eatery and Coffee Shop has a personality and is well laid out. They have free WiFi, a computer you can use for checking email etc. and an upstairs with a booth and tables. Additionally, on some Saturday evenings they have a dinner and show which I understand sells out most of the time.

Any way, I go for coffee and read some trade magazines, the daily comics from the newspaper such as Pickles (my favorite), Lola, Beetle Bailey, Sad Sack, Blondie, Dilbert and a few others. To be honest that is the only thing I read in the paper. And if I am any example of main stream America, and I usually am not, I can see why local or even regional newspapers are having such a hard time selling their papers. The local paper here is the La Grande Observer and the regional paper is the Oregonian.

On days I don't go for coffee I stay at my RV and make a pot of coffee. I usually set back and read a book of comics. I have a book of Superman dailies which ran in the newspapers from Superman's beginning in 1939 by Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster who created the character.

On Tuesday 24 June 2008, it finally happed, I ran into an Imbler school classmate at The Highway 30 Eatery and Coffee Shop. On this morning, I ran into Lynn Henderson who was a few years behind me at Imbler. His sister Durenda Henderson was in my class. What really amazed me was he remembered my name. As soon as I said my name was Plumlee he said I must be Ray. I was not expecting to meet anyone I went to school with over 40 years ago. The odds were plenty slim as most of my classmates quickly moved away to other places.

Before going back to my daily routine let me mention I got a haircut. Not just any haircut but a flat top. Every few years I get tired of combing my hair and that time came this week.

Back to my routine. After coffee in the morning is crunch time. Do I feel like working or do I feel like playing hookie?

If I feel like playing hookie I go to the matinee show at the Granada Theater. So far I have seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull twice. I have also see the new Hulk move.  This week I was considering watching Get Smart but so far haven't felt like playing hookie.

If I feel motivated and want to get some work done, I do. During the summer, and I can say this has been true for the past 12 years, I have had my online business, business slows way down. Last summer I just vegetated and did not get much work done. I decided that this summer I wasn't going to let that happen.

I am in the process of re-focusing my business model from a pay by the hour programmer to an affiliate marketer. Which means I need to invest a lot of up front time in converting my main business web site into an affiliate marketing driven web site. In a later posting I will explain why this shift in my business model and how I plan to accomplish it.

To summarize my daily routine here in La Grande, I either hit the decks a running and work all day or I go to a movie or take a 2 hour siesta or I just lay around taking it easy. Lazy me. I am not saying that it is just my bio rhythm cycle at work here but more some other external force. Not necessarily the stars, but something.

So, In my own way, within what is loosely a daily routine, I have found ways to mix up my days.

My son Ray called and he, his wife Jennifer and my granddaughter Ellery will be passing through La Grande, Oregon on their way to the Oregon coast for their vacation next Sunday 6 July. Since I live in an RV I don't have a spare bedroom so what I do when I have guests is rent them a room at a local motel. As often as this happens it is not a problem at all.

When Ray called and said they were on their way to the Oregon coast for their vacation next week I figured I would have a devil of a time getting them in a room on the 4th of July weekend. Well that was not the case. The La Grande Inn is right across Island City Drive from where I am staying. They didn't even bat an eye when I made the reservation. That brings to mind a whole new discussion I can have about the price of gas and how it is effecting me and the country as a whole. Perhaps I will in a later posting.
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