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"Mid Visit Update Here In Boise, Idaho And Next Years Schedule Change"

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Monday, September 22, 2008

I, once again, find myself being a little longer than I planned getting the next installment written for this travel diary. It is my usual excuse of being busy which by the very core of my life style is a bad excuse. I've been busy.

Despite being busy I have also been taking time to smell the roses, so to speak.  For me that is enjoying myself. For long term followers to this travel diary they know that one of the most important parts of my day is morning coffee. Since being back here I have started going a little further afield than I have in past stays here in Meridian. What used to be my favorite coffee shop here the Wild West Coffee Shop and Espresso Bakery (then Mocharoma and now Dynamite Coffee) has changed hands twice this year. It is now owned by the buildings landlord Zamzow's. The coffee shop has resided inside an old Zamzow store since the late 1990's. The latest change in ownership occurred the week I arrived back in the Meridian area. It is being managed by Marcus who was one of the employees of the previous short term owner Wynette.

I still include Dynamite Coffee in my morning coffee routine but I have started visiting other places as well. There is another newer coffee shop called the Library Coffee House. I visit there once a week but more often I go to the Hastings Book Store for coffee.  Hastings is a regional version of Barnes and Noble. Well, I say regional, but I have visited Hastings Book Stores as far away as Sierra Vista, Arizona. I also have made more trips down to the Boise Town Square Mall area where there is a Barnes and Noble and a Borders Book Store.  In fact the Borders Book Store is now located inside the mall which makes it particularly attractive because of all the other things and stores to visit in the Mall.

Additionally, I have enjoyed my visits with my kids and my granddaughter Ellery. We spent Saturday afternoon at the local Chuck-E-Cheese. As usual I got tired watching her burn up enormous amounts of energy.  Then I came back home and the kids went home to give Ellery a nap. After her nap Ray and Ellery came over for the evening. What made me feel so good about this visit is Ray had to fight her to get her to leave. She wanted to stay with grandpa!

Well despite how much I have enjoyed my visit I am feeling the wonder lust bite at me again. I just spent this morning mapping out a major change to my travel schedule. I spent some time looking at google maps around Rapid City, South Dakota and realized just how many neat places there were within just a few miles of there. For example, The Devils Tower, which was made famous for some by the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Also Custer National Park the place where Custer made his last stand. I list this last but it is by no means the least Mount Rushmore National Park.

If any of you who are familiar with the Rapid City, South Dakota area know of any other neat places to visit while I am there please use my suggest a destination program on this web site.

So I have decided to spend next summer, not here in Idaho or even Oregon, but I will head east to Rapid City, South Dakota. I am still working out my actual schedule but in a few days you will see my itinerary outlined on my travel schedule on this web site. My plan is to either visit Yellowstone, Wyoming on the way to Rapid City or on my way back from Rapid City.

Now just to show how timely this posting is I will include a current event that may or may not impact one of my future travel plans. This sub prime mortgage problem which has forced Uncle Sam to decide it needs to bail out the banking community may cause problems with the reunion I am planning to attend next May in Holy Loch, Scotland. I don't think it will directly effect me but I can't be sure, it may cause enough people to reconsider their plans to travel abroad which would cancel the formal reunion.  Of course this will depend on how successful or unsuccessful the bail out is. I will be watching this close.  My plans for now are to continue on and go to Dunoon, Scotland regardless if there is a formal reunion or not. I have a feeling some others may do the same so we could still have an informal reunion.

Well that's pretty much for now. I am getting ready for my heading south for the winter next month. I have 3 Veterinary appointments and my own annual Dr visit and vehicle registration, absentee voter registration etc. to get done before I leave.
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