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"President and CEO Ray Plumlee Declares Company Wide Holiday For The World Series"

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now is that a catchy title or what? Of course reading the title you would never know that Ray Plumlee, that's me, is the only employee in the company.

What this is all about is that I, for the first time in years, have gotten myself all caught up watching the Major League Baseball Playoffs and now the World Series. It probably started back on Wednesday the 25th of July when Steve (a friend and client of mine who lives in Denver) and I went to downtown Denver and saw the Colorado Rockies play the San Diego Padres at Coors Field. I really enjoyed that game. It was a very fast (2 hrs 12 min) game with the Rockies winning 10 to 2. I particularly enjoyed watching Matt Holliday when he was at bat. He was up 4 times and got a home run his 1st time at bat. He accounted for 4 of the 10 runs made by the Rockies that day.

Prior to that game with the Rockies and Padres I hadn't been to a live Major League Baseball game since the mid nineteen eighty's when I used to take my son's to see the Seattle Mariners play at the old King Dome.

Anyway back to the 2007 Play off's and the World Series. I originally planned to write this a day or two before the series began but I got a little busy. I'm about to close a new php programming project that will be, for me, a fairly good sized project that will keep me hopping for the next few weeks. So I wasn't able to get this post up until today which is a Saturday.

I had no problem choosing sides for this series, after having seen the Rockies play in person. The Red Sox are a very colorful team with some interesting players but I have to go with the Rockies. I guess some will say now, that the Rockies are behind two games, are the under dogs.

Now that is said, I must say, I am a bit concerned now that two games have been played and the Rockies have lost both to the Red Sox. I sit here today in my favorite coffee shop, Carolyn's Wild West Bakery and Espresso in Meridian, Idaho, hoping that moving the series to Coors Stadium in Denver will give the Rockies a little push and they will be able to kick a**. (Got to keep it cleans for the little kiddies that may be reading this.)

I also want to take this time to apologize for taking so long getting this latest posting done. I guess while I am on my vacation from traveling I will be saying that a lot. I  am just preparing you for that.

Since I am on this vacation from travel I have decided to start another blog on my main business web site that will be about starting and operating an online business. That blog will be focused toward the small business entrepreneurs or the Mom and Pop businesses. I haven't started the blog yet but I will announce it here as soon as I get it going.

One final item.  I have given my next travel schedule some thought and will be coming out with my new schedule in the very near future. Of course it will include my standard disclaimer. Subject to change.

P.S. I just got a message from Steve as I was finishing this posting and he said:

"I've been seeing a gal named Shari lately who's a big sports fan and definitely into the Rockies. So, tonight, we're heading downtown via rapid transit and settling in for a few beers at Jacksons (where you and I enjoyed a few brewskis after the game) and listen to the crowd roar (or moan) from just outside the walls of the stadium."

I would rather see the game live but watching it on wide screen at Jackson's just across the street would be a close second.

P.P.S. 29 Oct 2007 - I must admit I did not suspect that the Colorado Rockies would sweep into the  World Series and just as handily be swept out of the World Series by the Boston Red Sox. I did learn from the World Series that the Boston Red Sox have a very colorful team with a lot of flamboyant personalities. It was entertaining to watch them play.

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