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Travel Diary Category: Stay Reports
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"Second Visit Report After Arriving In The Denver Area"

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Since my last report the heat wave has continued. I had an interesting (looking back) experience with my RV. I started having my main circuit breaker tripping after the A/C had been on for a while. At first it was once or twice a day. Then it began to get worse. At first I thought it was the heat off the sun on the breaker box door which is on the outside of the RV. I tried putting a silver sun screen (car windshield sun protector) over the box to reflect the sun's ray's but it continued to trip with increasing frequency. So I finally decided to go look for a new breaker. After two Home Depot's, one Lowes I finally found a suitable substitute at an Ace Hardware Store.

When I went to swap out the old breaker with the new one as I was removing the breaker one of the power leads fell out. I realized that one of the problems with a moveable home is vibration. The power lead wire clamp had vibrated loose. So I just put the same old breaker back in with the leads all tightened up and have not had a breaker trip since.  That was about 3 days ago.

I was invited to a cook out Tuesday 3 July by one of my web clients who knew I was going to be in the Denver area. They live in Aurora just to the south of Denver. I had a great steak dinner with  Jane and Don and Don's daughter Chris.  In addition to a good steak we had a good conversation and something of a fireworks display by the neighbors.

For the 4th of July I was invited to a singles picnic by my old friend Steve. The picnic was put on by the singles over 40 club. The picnic was held at the Foothills Golf Course, 3901 South Carr Street, Lakewood Colorado.  It was just about 3 miles from where I am staying at the Flying Saucer RV Park.

I rarely go to singles events. But I really enjoyed this picnic. My only complaint is when I went for a burger, and it was still early in the evening, the condiments were mostly gone. No lettuce, tomatoes or onions. Otherwise there was plenty of everything.  I don't know about you but lettuce, tomato and onions are an integral part of a burger sandwich.

Steve was in full comic mode so part of the reason I enjoyed the picnic was Steve's antics. There wasn't a girl there that Steve didn't hit on. I have never actually discussed this with Steve but my guess is that he subscribes to the shot gun approach to dating. Just scatter shoot yourself at a bunch of women and you are bound to hit something.

I have a different approach.  Actually, I don't have an approach. I have been honest with myself for a long time and have realized that if I found someone my current lifestyle would come to a screeching halt. And I do so enjoy my free lifestyle that the thought of giving it up has kept my "approach" in check.

I am writing this in a Barnes and Noble book store in Littleton, Colorado. Steve and I just finished some edits to his web site. He was spotlighted in a whole segment on the Comedy channel's The Daily Show for some of his activism here in the Denver area. He is having me put some screen shot's of the show on his web site.

Well that pretty well brings you up to date. I will be here in Denver for about 10 more days. I will write up another Denver entry just before or just after I depart.
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