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May 2009-? Boise, Idaho
The Travel Adventure is on hold indefinitely. Read my blog entry here about why.
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Logo for the Traveling Webmaster at Have Web Sites Will Travel who will design database enabled web sites while on his adventure. He is currently located in Boise, Idaho. The Traveling Webmaster has been on this adventure for 6564 days. His next destination is , .  He will be there on or about   .

6,564 Days Since The Adventure Began!

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Travel Status: Inport

Current Home Port:
Boise, Idaho
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Boise, Idaho
Temp: 70 °F

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Last Update: 19 May 2009

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Post Surgery And Resuming The Adventure Plans Update 19 May 2009
Surgery Seems To Have Gone Well And My Interim And Long Term Travel Plans 15 March 2009
Going Into Surgery Tomorrow Morning. Wish Me Luck 24 February 2009
I Arrived In Boise Saturday And This Return North Has Been Anything But Uneventful 16 February 2009
Confined To Quarters In Phoenix, Arizona And Heading North To Boise, Idaho 8 February 2009
Arrival In Phoenix And Visit Reoport For Quartzsite, Arizona Plus A Problem 11 December 2008
Departure From Las Vegas and Wally and Liz's Wedding 2 December 2008
Mid Visit Update And Wally's Wedding Plan's Here In Las Vegas 16 November 2008
Arrived In Las Vegas Yesterday Over A Week Ahead Of Schedule 3 November 2008
Finally Underway Heading South. Departed Boise, Idaho en route St. George, Utah 27 October 2008
My Plan To Depart For Points South En Route To Arizona Today Have Been Delayed 20 October 2008
Mid Visit Update Here In Boise, Idaho And Next Years Schedule Change 22 September 2008
Exit Brief La Grande, Oregon Arrival Brief Boise, Idaho 25 August 2008
Getting Ready To Go To Boise, Idaho, The Olympics And My New Amazon Kindle 16 August 2008
All Work And Only A Little Play Makes Ray A Sorta Happy Guy 5 August 2008
Visit Report Of Chief Joseph Days Celebration In Joseph Oregon 27 July 2008
The Challenges Of An RV Lifestyle And Rising Gas Prices 19 July 2008
I Had A Good And Interesting Week, Home Emergencies And Family Visits 10 July 2008
I Have Settled Into a Routine Here In La Grande, Oregon 1 July 2008
New Travel Diary Feature Added 25 June 2008
Arrival La Grande, Oregon Part 2: What I Found After Over 40 Years 18 June 2008
Checkout The Snow We Got Today. In Mid June No Less! 10 June 2008
Arrival La Grande, Oregon Part 1: Why I am Staying The Summer Here 9 June 2008
PPL Motor Homes of Houston, Texas Online Parts Service Ordering Warning! 3 June 2008
Departed Meridian Idaho and Arrived in La Grande, Oregon Yesterday 22 May 2008 23 May 2008
Scouting Mission to La Grande, Oregon Completed 12 May 2008
Scouting Mission to La Grande, Oregon Postponed One Week 3 May 2008
Ray Plumlee aka The Traveling Webmaster's Summer Travel Plans 15 April 2008
Farewell To My Brother-in-law And Friend Mike Yost 30 March 2008
Yet Another Uncertain Schedule Update For 2008 And 2009 And Trip To Scotland 19 March 2008
Partial Schedule Update For 2008 and 2009 And Trip To Scotland 14 February 2008
Update And Major Change To My Travel Schedule For The Next Year 25 January 2008
Pre Christmas And New Year Update And Family Emergency 19 December 2007
Having Second Thoughts About Spending The Winter In Boise, Idaho 29 November 2007
Toshiba America Inc Computer Technical Support Nightmare 16 November 2007
President and CEO Ray Plumlee Declares Company Wide Holiday For The World Series 27 October 2007
Barnes And Noble Book Store In Boise, Idaho No Longer Friendly To Coffee Shop Workers 13 October 2007
Spent My First Day Alone With My Granddaughter Ellery 4 October 2007
Just Hanging Out On My Vacation From Travelling 26 September 2007
Travel Plans Or Lack of Travel Plans For The Next Few Months 12 September 2007
Post Arrival Report And Update For Boise, Idaho 30 August 2007
Arrived In The Boise, Idaho Area Yesterday 22 August 2007 23 August 2007
Another Change In My Schedule, Wednesday 22 August 2007 I'm Departing for Boise 20 August 2007
Arrived in Idaho Falls, Idaho Yesterday Wednesday 16 August 2007 16 August 2007
Departed Denver Tuesday 14 August 2007 for Idaho Falls, Idaho 14 August 2007
Plan to Depart The Denver Area Tomorow For The Idaho Falls Area 13 August 2007
Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg Pennsylvania 6 August 2007
Third Visit Report While Visiting In The Denver Area 30 July 2007
Extended My Stay Here in Denver, a Slight Change in My Schedule 21 July 2007
Turkey Creek RV Village an Escapee RV Park in Hollister, Missouri Near Branson, Missouri 18 July 2007
Say Happy Birthday to Ray in Golden, Colorado 13 July 2007
Goodyear's, Young's Tire and Service Center, Englewood, Colorado 10 July 2007
Second Visit Report After Arriving In The Denver Area 6 July 2007
First Visit Report After Arriving In The Denver Area 27 June 2007
Departed Seibert, Colorado And Arrived In Denver, Colorado Today 14 June 2007
Arrived in Colorado Last Night And Will Scout Out My Next Stop 12 June 2007
Back On The Road Again, Departing Russell, Kansas Heading West Toward Denver, Colorado 11 June 2007
Spent The Afternoon With Ike In Abaline, Kansas Then I Stopped In Russell, Kansas 8 June 2007
Departed A Day Late From Branson With An Uncertain Next Stop 6 June 2007
RVing And The Internet: My Nomination for the Worst Wifi Internet Service 2 June 2007
I Have Worked Out My Next Destination After Branson, MO 31 May 2007
This Week Has Been All Work And No Play For Ray 25 May 2007
Day 3 Of The Site 1 Holy Loch, Scotland Reunion in Branson 19 May 2007
Day 2 Of The Site 1 Holy Loch, Scotland Reunion in Branson 18 May 2007
Day 1 Of The Site 1 Holy Loch, Scotland Reunion in Branson 17 May 2007
A Chance Meeting With An Old Shipmate Here In Branson 16 May 2007
Found Another Nice Place to Visit in Branson 13 May 2007
Answers to Questions and Tips For Reunion Attendee's in Branson 10 May 2007
Further To My Second Report and Impressions of Branson, Missouri 8 May 2007
My Second Report and Impressions of Branson, Missouri 7 May 2007
I Spent The Afternoon With Roy Rogers and Dale Evans 4 May 2007
My First Report and Impressions of Branson, Missouri 2 May 2007
Elvis Presley Blvd. RV Park in Memphis, Tennessee 1 May 2007
Stay Report For My One Week In Memphis, Tennessee 30 April 2007
Underway For Branson, Missouri My Ultimate Destination For This Current Adventure 29 April 2007
Sailed Aboard a Mississippi River Boat out of Memphis, Tennessee 27 April 2007
Visited Elvis Presley's Graceland Mansion and Estate in Memphis, Tennessee 26 April 2007
Severe Weather Warnings Are Delaying My Plans to Visit Graceland 25 April 2007
Stay Report for My Two Week Stay in Canton (North of Jackson), Mississippi 23 April 2007
Departed Canton, Mississippi To Continue on toward Branson 22 April 2007
Canton Multiplex RV Park, Canton, Mississippi 21 April 2007
RVing And The Internet: Living On The Road With An Online Business 18 April 2007
Travel Plans Update as of 16 April 2007 While In Mississippi 16 April 2007
Loch Ness and Inverness, Scotland. I Last Visited in 1991 12 April 2007
Stay Report for My Stay in Lake Charles and Hammond Louisiana 10 April 2007
Departed Hammond, Louisiana To Continue on toward Branson, MO 8 April 2007
Visited the French Quarter of New Orleans Again 7 April 2007
Taking Another Trip to the French Quarter of New Orleans 5 April 2007
Visited The French Quarter in New Orleans 30 March 2007
Planning On Taking A Day Trip To The French Quarter Of New Orleans Tommorow 28 March 2007
Departed Lake Charles, LA for Hammond, LA 25 March 2007
Underway From Winnie Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana 18 March 2007
Took a Day Trip to the Houston (Johnson) Space Center 15 March 2007
Things Have Settled Down A Bit 12 March 2007
Some Days Just Don't End The Way You Planned Them In The Morning 11 March 2007
Took My Final Day Trip Tourist Visit At The Cascade Caverns, Before Departing Boerne, Texas 10 March 2007
Visited The Alamo and the The RiverWalk in San Antonio, Texas 8 March 2007
Arrived in the San Antonio, Texas Area 4 March 2007
Departed Carlsbad, New Mexico for San Antonio, Texas 3 March 2007
Visited The Spectacular Carlsbad Caverns National Park 2 March 2007
Visited The Aliens in Roswell, New Mexico 28 February 2007
Traveled from Phoenix, AZ to Carlsbad, NM 25 February 2007
My Son Ray and His Family Visit Me in Phoenix, Arizona 24 February 2007
Detailed Travel Schedule for February to May 2007 23 February 2007
Yosemite, National Park. A Most Spectacular Place to Visit. Last Visited May 2004. 13 February 2007
Travel Plans for 2007 as of 08 February 2007 8 February 2007
Welcome to my New Sitrep or WebLog/Blog 6 February 2007
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013,466 miles are the actual travel miles with the trailer since 1 November 2003 when I left Emmett, Idaho until today (Oct 21, 2021) where I am located in Boise, Idaho.

They do not include daily trip miles for morning coffee or trips to scenic/tourist locations etc.