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May 2009-? Boise, Idaho
The Travel Adventure is on hold indefinitely. Read my blog entry here about why.
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6,613 Days Since The Adventure Began!

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Travel Status: Inport

Current Home Port:
Boise, Idaho
Actual Location:
Boise, Idaho
Temp: 70 °F

Adventure Miles:

Situation Report
Last Update: 19 May 2009

My Current Schedule:

Please note that this schedule is, and always will be, tentative. I will make "command decisions" along the way that may completely change the direction of my travels (as we say in the Navy "a mid course correction"). What the heck. It is for fun after all.

All destinations are only a general area which will serve as a "Hub" or central area. When traveling from one "Hub" to the next, there will be short stops. Which could give my travel status as "Underway" for several days until I reach the next "Hub." From these "Hubs" I will branch out on one day trips or whatever I decide at the time.

My currrent Home Port is Boise, Idaho. My actual location is Boise, Idaho where the current temperature is 70 °F. My Next Port-O-Call will be , Currently scheduled for .

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  When:            Hub/Home Base:          Completed: Comments:
  November 03 Hub: Boise, Idaho
Actual Location: Emmett, Idaho
5 November 2003 The Adventure has begun!
  Nov 03 Hub: Reno, Nevada
Actual Location: Carson City, Nevada
14 November 2003 The weather chased me out of here. I will have to come back and spend more time later. Trip Summary for Carson City, Nevada
  Nov/Dec 03 Hub: Las Vegas, Nevada
Actual Location: Henderson, Nevada
16 December 2003 Longest stay in one place (30 days) so far. Don't want to see another Casino again for a while. Trip Summary for Las Vegas
  Dec/Jan/Feb 03 Hub: Phoenix, Arizona
Actual Location: Phoenix & Quartzsite, Arizona
04 March 2004 I decided to stay in Phoenix for 2 months and a week. No where I could go this time of year would be as nice as it is here. High 60's to Mid 70's. Trip Summary for Phoenix & Quartzsite, Arizona
  Mar/Apr 04 Hub: San Diego, California
Actual Location: Hemet, California
8 May 2004 Arrived in the San Diego area on 4 March. I stayed a month in Hemet, California. I then moved North for the first time this adventure. I stayed 4 days in the Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, California near Barstow before heading to my next hub. Trip Summary for Southern California
  Apr/May/June 04 Hub: Fresno, California
Actual Location: Kingsburg, California
10 June 2004 Arrived in Kingsburg 9 April which will be my central location for this area. I estimate this is about the halfway point, in miles, for my first years travels. Trip Sumary for Central California
  June-Aug 04 Hub: Western, Oregon
Actual Location: Tillamook, Oregon
12 August 2004 This is the first time I labeled a Hub/Home Port by a generic name and not a City. The reason for this is I plan to hopscotch around from one sea coast town to another not knowing which will be in range of my Verizon Wireless Interet connection. Which has proven to be a serious problem in Southern Oregon where there is no Digital Service for Internet Service with Verizon. Now that I am trying to do the coast I am finding the Verizon is working along the coast North of Newport. However, the only area that also works with my voice cell phone (Sprint) is Tillamook. So I am staying a month in Tillamook.
  Aug/Sept/Oct 04 Hub: Western, Washington
Actual Location: Elma Washington
17 September 2004 Elma, Wahsington is my central location for Western Washington. Visits to the Bremerton, Seattle and Aberdeen areas are all within easy day trip range. I got to visit the 17th annual PACNORTHWEST Damage Control Olympics. The competitions were held Friday, August 13 2004. Also visited the Bangorfest (also known as BoomerFest), which was at the Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, August 14, 2004. I also wanted to visit the Puyallup State Fair September 10 - 26, 2004. But my last two weeks in Washington was all rain.
  Oct-June 2004/05 Hub: South West, Idaho
Actual Location: Boise, Idaho
19 June 2005 Schedule Change Alert Schedule modified for this area (and all follow on destinations) while I stay in the Boise area for a few months for the birth of my first grand child, Ellery Dulcena Plumlee, who was born on Christmas Eve 2005.
  June-Sept 05 Hub: Central, Idaho
Actual Location: Cascade, Idaho
18 September 2005 Schedule modified for this area while I stay in the area after the birth of my first grand child, Ellery Dulcena Plumlee on Christmas Eve 2004..

I will be in or around McCall as a general location during the hot summer months. I plan to stay the last month of the summer in Cascade, Idaho.
  Sept-Nov 05 Hub: Boise, Idaho
Actual Location: Emmet, Idaho
10 November 2005 Final stay in the Boise area while I got all my annual medical checkups and see my granddaughter, Ellery, some more before I headed south for the winter.
  Nov-Feb 2005/06 Hub: Phoenix, Arizona
Actual Location: Anthem, North of Phoenix, Arizona
25 February 2006 I stayed in this area for most of the winter to be near my best friend Wally and his wonderful wife while they deal with an enormous health challenge.
  Mar-Apr 06 Hub: Tucson, Arizona
Actual Location: Benson, AZ
near Tombstone
16 April 2006 I was hanging around in the Tombstone area for a few weeks before heading back to Phoenix.
  Apr 06 Hub: Phoenix, Arizona
Actual Location: Phoenix, AZ
23 April 2006 One week layover here while I say good bye for this year to Wally and Jean. Then upward and onward back to Boise.
  Apr-May 06 Hub: Flagstaff, Arizona
Actual Location: Enroute Boise, Idaho
6 May 2006 Spent 3 weeks in the area. One week at the Winslow Meteor Crater RV Park and 2 weeks at the J and H RV Park. While here I took a day trip up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Wow!
  May-June 06 Hub: Boise, Idaho
Actual Location: Meridian, Idaho
18 June 2006 Spent about 6 weeks hear taking care of my home base business and visiting with family.
  June-Sept 06 Hub: McCall, Idaho
Actual Location: McCall, Idaho
17 September 2006 Spent the summer in McCall were it is not only beautifly green but cooler than it is down in the Treasure Valley.
  Sept-Oct 06 Boise, Idaho 17 November 2006 Wrap up 2005 - 2006 Travel Adventure season. Prepare for 2006 - 2007 season.
  Nov-Feb 2006/07 Hub: Phoenix, Arizona
Actual Location: Anthem, AZ
24 February 2006 Spent two and one half months in Phoenix near my best friend Wally before I headed east toward Branson, Missouri where I will attend the U.S. Navy Site 1 Holy Loch, Scotland Association' reunion.
  Feb-Apr 2007 Hub: In Transit Various To,
Branson, MO
Actual Location: Enroute Branson
29 April 2006 I have been in transit for a couple of months while enroute to Branson, Missouri. I especially wanted to visit the Carlsbad Caverns and Roswell, New Mexico, where I visited the meca for UFO enthusiasts. Then I went on to San Antonio and spent a day at the Alamo and the River Walk. Then I went to Houston, Texas. Where I visited the Johnson Space Center. Anything Space related is for me! Next it was on to Lake Charles and Hammond, Louisiana where I made a couple of day trips into New Orleans. Now I am heading North. I stayed a couple of weeks in Jackson, Mississippi and now I am in Memphis, Tennessee. I will find more places to stop by and visit as I get closer to Branson, Missouri.
  May 2007 Hub: Branson, Missouri
Actual Location: Hollister, Missouri
6 June 2006 This has been my destination this year because I intend to attend a Navy reunion. The Site 1 Holy Loch, Scotland Association is holding it's Bi-Annual reunion in Branson.
  May-Jun 2007 Hub: In Transit Various To,
Denver, CO
Actual Location: Seibert, Colorado
14 June 2006 I moved quickly taking about 10 days to arrive in the Denver area. After leaving Branson I spent one night in Peculiar, Missouri, then 4 nights in Russell, Kansas after spending an afternoon in Abaline, Kansas visiting the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. After leaving Russell, Kansas I went on to Seibert, Colorado where I stayed 3 nights getting organized for entering Denver and riding out a rain storm that was in the area.
  June-Aug 2007 Hub: Denver, Colorado
Actual Location: Englewood,
14 August 2006 The Rocky Mountains will be my summer get away from the heat destination. I will spend some time in the Denver area because I have a good friend who lives there and a client that I am looking forward to meeting.
  July-Aug 2007 Hub: In Transit Various To,
Boise, ID
Actual Location: Enroute Boise, Idaho
22 August 2006 I was in transit for about two weeks while enroute to Boise, Idaho. The main place I stayed was in Idaho Falls. I have never been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming before so I went by that way but all the RV Parks, and there were not many, were booked up so I went on to Idaho Falls.
  Aug 2007 till May 2008 Hub: Boise, Idaho
Actual Location: Meridian, Idaho
22 May 2006 I am spending the winter here in Boise so that I can get to know my granddaughter Ellery and visit with family.
  May-Aug 2008 Hub: La Grande, Oregon
Actual Location: La Grande, Oregon
20 August 2006 La Grande and a little town nearby named Imbler is where I spent my last few years as a civilian before enlisting in the Navy in 1966. I graduated from Imbler High School with the class of 1965.
  Sept-Oct 2008 Hub: Boise, Idaho
Actual Location: Meridian, Idaho
27 October 2006 Plan to spend a couple of months again back here in Boise visiting with family and taking care of any other details needed before a long absence from the state.
  Oct-Nov 2008 Hub: St. George, Utah
Actual Location: Leeds, Utah
2 November 2006 I planned to spend a couple of weeks or so in South Utah visiting a couple of the National Parks. Specifically Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

I found that there were not many RV Parks around South Utah. I did find one which was the Zion West RV Park in Leeds, Utah. The RV Park is a fine place to stay and the owner/manager is really pleasant to chat with. But the wifi wasn't strong enough to reach me with a solid signal.

Normally, I don't need to use a local wifi but both my Verizon and Sprint Internet access are in roaming mode and provide a minimal internet service.

So I decided to forgo my two week stay and head on to Las Vegas.
  Nov-Dec 2008 Hub: Las Vegas, Nevada
Actual Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
02 December 2006 I stop every year here in Las Vegas for at least a week, one year I did a month. This time I plan to stay for one month again and visit the strip again to see if there are any new and neat attractions. To date my favorite is the Hilton Hotel's Star Trek Experience. I understand it has been changed with new exhibits and rides.
  Dec-Feb 2008 Hub: Phoenix, Arizona
Actual Location: Anthem, Arizona
09 February 2006 Every winter that I go south I stay at least two months in North Phoenix to visit several friends I have who live in the area. My best friend Wally lives in Cave Creek so I stay on that end of town so I can easily visit with him.
>>> May 2009-? Hub: Boise, Idaho
Actual Location: Boise, Idaho Temp: 70 °F
No I have put my travel adventure on hold indefinitely. To read about why this change in my adventure has been made read my blog entry here.

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013,466 miles are the actual travel miles with the trailer since 1 November 2003 when I left Emmett, Idaho until today (Dec 08, 2021) where I am located in Boise, Idaho.

They do not include daily trip miles for morning coffee or trips to scenic/tourist locations etc.