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Boise, Idaho
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Meridian, Idaho
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Adventure Day :     1

Date Arrived:     21 September 1994    

Date Departed:     7 November 2003    

Hub Area:      Boise, Idaho

Actual Location:     City : Emmett     State : Idaho

Summary Title :     The Adventure Has Begun

Summary :     I am writing this on 1 November 2003 which is the official day 1 of the adventure.

After arriving in Emmett, Idaho in 1994 after my retirement from the US Navy I am finally getting underway again.

Other than a couple of trips to Washington DC. A trip to Dunoon, Scotland for a Navy reunion. A week in London. A couple of weeks in Charleston, South Carolina for another Navy Reunion, and visit with a cousin. And a couple of trips to California to visit family. I have been here in the Boise area the entire time. In the last few years my feet have begun to itch again hence the idea for this adventure.

This summary announces the begining of the adventure. I will be getting underway next week for my first Home Port (Central Hub) area. I plan to start in the Sparks/Reno, Nevada area.

After more than three years preperation for this adventure the excitement level is getting very high. I feel like a kid again where I can't wait to get started. But at the same time the adult in me says I have to get every last detail taken care of before I get started.

I intend to do one of these summaries after every Home Port change to summarize the visit in that area. As there are other services on my web site with pictures and more detailed descriptions for places visited, this summary will just give a basic account for the entire region visited.

Having been here in the Boise, Idaho area since 1994 (the longest I have ever stayed in one place in my life) I feel fully qualified to assign my highest rating for the Boise, Idaho area. It is truly a great place to live. Everything one needs is here, recreational facilities are only minutes away. And most of all the population isn't anywhere near overwhelming like California. Therefore I do not recommend that anyone moves here (tounge in cheek).

Ray Plumlee's Rating :      5 Stars out of 5.

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013,466 miles are the actual travel miles with the trailer since 1 November 2003 when I left Emmett, Idaho until today (Jan 20, 2017) where I am located in Meridian, Idaho.

They do not include daily trip miles for morning coffee or trips to scenic/tourist locations etc.