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Boise, Idaho
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Adventure Day :     717

Date Arrived:     19 June 2005    

Date Departed:     18 September 2005    

Hub Area:      North Central Idaho

Actual Location:     City : McCall and Cascade     State : Idaho

Summary Title :     Summer Layover in the High Mountains to Keep Cool

Summary :     True to my desire to stay cool in the summers yet be near where my son Ray, daughter-in-law Jennifer and grand daughter Ellery live, I moved north of Boise to McCall, Idaho for a couple of months and also spent one month in Cascade, Idaho. Both places were great places to spend a summer. The average temperature was about 75 this summer. I only had to use the air conditioning occasionally and then only in the late afternoon for a couple of hours. In fact there were a few days (July 9th and 10th as an example) when I actually had to run the furnace to keep the chill off in the mornings.

While in McCall I stayed in a new RV Park called the McCall RV Resort. It is only partially completed but it is already a very nice park. The spaces are all spacious (for an RV Park with a grass lawn on both sides. Most sites are pull thru's but they do have some backend sites. There is a "Lodge" with an indoor swimming pool, hot tub and a steam sauna. They have an old chuck wagon out front that they use (I am told) for gatherings. They also have a very nice patio area for barbecues and other gatherings.

While I was up in the Cascade mountains I made a weekend trip back to Boise a couple of times to do some shopping and stay with Ray and family.

I found that I rather prefer living outside of the larger cities in the rural areas but like to be close enough where I can, on occasion make a trip into the city for those shopping items not available in the small towns.

While in McCall, Idaho I found a nice place to go for morning coffee which is an important morning ritual for me. There was a newly opened Cyber Cafe called the "Mountain West Connection." In fact I went there that morning on 2 July 2005 that they had their grand opening. It is a very plush and spacious cafe. The inside is all done in cherry wood (at least it looks like it) and forest green. They have 5 wall mounted HD TV's and very plush furniture.

For the first time since I started my business the "Internet world" has found Ray Plumlee. Of my 9 years of self study and scratching to stay afloat as a web programmer has finally bore fruit. I began getting more requests for work than I can comfortably do. And for the first time I had to begin accepting only projects that interest me.

I made some day trips to various places in North Central Idaho such as the Tamarack Winter Ski Summer Resort, located near Donnelly, Idaho. I also went to the Brundige Mountain Ski Resort. With my basic philosophy of staying warm in the winter I am not likely to see these places with snow on the ground but did enjoy seeing them anyway.

After staying two months in McCall I then move a little south to Cascade, Idaho on 19 August where I spent a month at the Waters Edge RV Resort. This was a very nice place to stay. My RV space was only a few steps from the bank of the Payette River. Unlike any place I have stayed before I found myself every morning going down to the rivers edge and sitting in one of the RV Parks many beach chairs and having my morning coffee. My self satisfaction and pleasure level was very high while I was staying at the Waters Edge RV Resort. The only problem was the last week I was there the temperature took a dip and overnight it was actually dropping below freezing.

It was while I was staying in Cascade that I learned that my best friend Wally's wife (name later after everyone she knows is aware of this) had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I decided not to have a busy travel schedule for the winter of 2005 and 2006 but to spend most of it around the Phoenix, Arizona area so I could spend more time with them.

I also learned that one of my oldest friends and Navy Shipmate, LCDR Rafael George Rey, USN(Ret) who lives in Gretna Louisiana which is in New Orleans proper were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. We first met back in the early 70's when we were stationed together at the Negishi Heights Microwave and Tandem Switching Center. We have managed to stay in contact with each other for over 30 years. He and his wife Adless were safe and well by staying with their children during and after Hurricane Katrina.

Due to the dropping temperatures I decided to only stay the one month and then move on to my next destination which was Emmett, Idaho.

Ray Plumlee's Rating :      4 Stars out of 5.

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