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Boise, Idaho
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Adventure Day :     159

Date Arrived:     04 March 2004    

Date Departed:     04 May 2004    

Hub Area:      San Diego, California

Actual Location:     City : Hemet     State : California

Summary Title :     Southern, California Area Visit Summary

Summary :     Arrived in Hemet, California, for my Southern California residence. The main reasons I selected Hemet, California as my Hub was I had so many places I wanted to visit and I wanted to stay out of the large population areas (not an easy thing to do) yet centrally located so I can visit any part of the area I want.

I lived in Riverside, California from 1952 to 1963. For the most part I did most of my growing up here. Additionally I have been stationed here several times over my Navy career. Starting with boot camp in 1966 and BE&E (Basic Electricity and Electronics) School (1968), IC "A" School (1968), then homeported in San Diego aboard the USS Providence CLG-6 (1968 - 1971), USS Norton Sound AVM-1 (1971 - 1972), USS Mckee AS-41 (Plank Owner 1981 - 1982). I went back for a week in 1993 when my son graduated from boot camp (the very last company to graduate from RTC San Diego) then again in 1995 (after I retired) to attend a retirement ceremony for my good friend LT Wally Latall. My last visit to the Southern California area was in 2001 while attending a cousins wedding in Riverside.

As soon as I arrived in Hemet, Southern California experienced a heat wave. Most of the month of March was 90°F or greater. The weather people were saying the average temperature for March normally is 70°F but this year March was 90°F. Since it was so unexpectedly hot I did cut back on some of my planned day trips. Such as Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Knotts Berry Farm, etc. As I had been to these places many times in the past I decided to put them off to a future visit.

Here are some of the places I visited while I was in Southern California:

Please note that some of the below web links are to a page that details the visit to several related destinations or destinations done on the same day.

There are so many places to visit and things to do in Southern California. If it weren't for there being so darn many people in your way I would assign this region my highest rating.

For those of you who are travelers I am including the below wireless information for your travels.

I use Verizon Wireless for my Internet connection and Hemet, California had a good signal. Calico Ghost Town RV Park and Campground had a minimal but satisfactory signal.

I use Sprint for my Cell Phone and in both Hemet and Calico Ghost Town RV Park and Campground I had a solid signal.

Ray Plumlee's Rating :      4 Stars out of 5.

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