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Adventure Day :     220

Date Arrived:     08 April 2004    

Date Departed:     08 June 2004    

Hub Area:      Fresno, California

Actual Location:     City : Kingsburg     State : California

Summary Title :     Central, California Area Visit Summary

Summary :     Arrived in Kingsburg, California, for my Central California residence. The main reasons I selected Fresno, California as my Hub and Kingsburg as my actual location was because I was born in Lindsay, California and most of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins live near Fresno and Lindsay. As Kingsburg is between Fresno and Lindsay, California it was a good choice for a place to stay.

Like my Southern California stay the Central Valley area was also having higher than normal temperatures. At least 10F or more higher than average. Though the weather was warmer than I had hoped for I decided to stay an extra month for a total of two months. The reason for the extra time was two fold. One I wanted more time to visit with relatives. And two, because I was staying at very nice mobile home park, The Valkommen Village.

During my stay here I found out that I will be a Grandfather, for the first time, in January 2005. Based on this I have made a major change to my long term schedule so I can be in the Boise, Idaho area. For more details go here:

I stayed at The Valkommen Village my entire two months in Kingsburg. The park was a very nice park that had facilities for 4 RV's. I was lucky enough to be parked right next to a small park with picnic benches, horse shoe pit, Gazebo and grass with lots of shade. I spent a lot of my time in that little park just ejoying myself.

1 May 2004 Marked a milestone of Six Months Since the Adventure Began!

19 May 2004 Noted the passing of 200 Days Since The Adventure Began!

Here are some of the places I visited while I was in Central California:

Please note that some of the below web links are to a page that may detail visits to several related destinations or destinations done on the same day.

17 April 2004 Vist to the 2004 Kingsburg Classic Car Show

17 April 2004 Trip to Sequoia National Park

7 May 2004 Day trip to Yosemite National Park

14 May 2004 Dinner and a show at Roger Rockas Dinner Theater

15 May 2004 Kingsburg 2004 Swedish Festival

20 May 2004 Dinuba High School Grad Night at Disneyland

For those of you who are travelers I am including the below wireless information for your travels.

I use Verizon Wireless for my Internet connection and Kingsburg, California had a good signal as did most of the Central Valley along the California 99 Highway. Of course when I went into the mountains to visit Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park I lost all service.

I use Sprint for my Cell Phone (Voice Communications) I had a solid signal except when I went into the mountains to visit Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park where I lost all service.

Ray Plumlee's Rating :      4 Stars out of 5.

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