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Cheshire, UK is a Suggested Place for the Traveling Webmaster to Visit.

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Destination :      Cheshire, UK

Category :      Tourist / Tour

Location :      City : Chester     State :

When :      Any Time

Reason to Visit :      Horses and chocolate! A delightful combination that seems to be an obvious match made in heaven! As a keen horsewoman and chocolate fanatic, when I saw this holiday package on I knew it would be the perfect break for me.
I could hardly contain my excitement leading up to the holiday and when I arrived in the beautiful Georgian village of Tarporley where the hotel is located I was certainly not disappointed. The stunning little village caters for your every need, from top quality pubs and restaurants to beautiful boutique style shopping. After we had settled into our bedrooms in the Swan hotel, a traditional homely old coaching inn located directly on Tarporley High Street, we were guided next door to The Old Fire Station Chocolate shop for after noon tea. We indulged in tea, sandwiches and cake, but of course we didn’t forget to sample some of the finest hand made truffles that Cheshire has to offer! Needless to say I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a selection of truffles home with me, just in case I was never again lucky enough to visit this beautiful part of rural Cheshire. After a delicious meal in the hotel it was time for bed, as after all, we had busy day of riding and sight seeing ahead of us.

The next day, after breakfast, we headed for the stables. The journey to the stables was along picturesque country lanes through the most beautiful of Cheshire countryside. Once I arrived at the stables I was made to feel extremely welcome and I was shown around and introduced to my beautiful horse Puzzle, who was going to be my companion and guide for the duration of my stay. The stables were truly first class and the staff and instructors were extremely helpful and very patient with me considering I lack a lot of experience in the saddle. I decided to begin my day with a lesson, as it seemed like a good chance to brush up on my riding skills before we started our trail ride. My instructor was extremely helpful and I really benefited from the lesson, both in technique and confidence. After my lesson we headed to the nearby village of Cotebrook for a visit to their Shire Horse Centre, followed by a delicious lunch in the adjacent pub The Alvanley Arms. After lunch it was time to head back to Willington Stables for our first hack. We spent the afternoon exploring the wonderful Cheshire bridleways network, taking in the peace and beauty of the country side. After the hack we headed back to the hotel for our evening meal and to get some rest for our next adventure filled day.

On our final day we traveled back to Willington Stables to prepare for a morning of hacking in Delamere Forest, Cheshire’s largest woodland. As we entered the forest it became apparent that we were in an area where nature dominated and peace was in the air. Our horses gently padded across the forest floor and we just relaxed and soaked up the sights, sounds, smells and wildlife that the vast forest had to offer. We stopped at a horse-friendly café along the route where we were able to give the horses a well earned rest and we enjoyed a coffee and a cake whilst admiring the views!

After riding, again, I decided to spend my afternoon in chocolate heaven. I had opted out of visiting the local historic city of Chester or climbing the impressive Beeston castle that was located near by, as I had traveled to Cheshire with chocolate in mind and I was ready to truly indulge. I carefully savored each delightful truffle that passed my lips and allowed the afternoon to drift on by in a haze of pleasure.

The thing that surprised me the most about this holiday was the variety of activities available in Cheshire and my short visit taught me that one weekend really wasn’t enough time to fully appreciate all that this scenic area of the country has to offer, so I definitely intend to return, this time with my entire family!

I had the most fabulous time in Cheshire and would recommend this holiday to everyone as they cater for total beginners up to experienced riders.

Thank you to Equestrian Escapes in Cheshire who organized the trip for me, it will stay with me forever!

Submitted By :      RichardMark

Visted Yet During This Adventure? :       No.   The Traveling Webmaster has not yet visited, Cheshire, UK during this current adventure, but once I do, I will be sure and tell you all about it. I will provide a rating and my recommendation whether you should schedule Cheshire, UK in your next vacation plan.

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