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May 2009-? Boise, Idaho
The Travel Adventure is on hold indefinitely. Read my blog entry here about why.
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Logo for the Traveling Webmaster at Have Web Sites Will Travel who will design database enabled web sites while on his adventure. He is currently located in Boise, Idaho. The Traveling Webmaster has been on this adventure for 6537 days. His next destination is , .  He will be there on or about   .

6,538 Days Since The Adventure Began!

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Boise, Idaho
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Boise, Idaho
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Last Update: 19 May 2009

Cyclorama is a Suggested Place for the Traveling Webmaster to Visit.

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Destination :      Cyclorama

Category :      History / Civil War Battlefield

Location :      City : Atlanta     State : Georgia

When :      Any Time

Reason to Visit :       This is not a battlefield, but a gigantic painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta. It is in a round theater that you sit in and it revolves around the painting with narration provided. You will not believe how large this painting is and with 3D figures such as dyiing soldiers you will be fascinated! Everyone age will enjoy this.

Submitted By :      Darlyne Stewartd

Visted Yet During This Adventure? :       No.   The Traveling Webmaster has not yet visited, Cyclorama during this current adventure, but once I do, I will be sure and tell you all about it. I will provide a rating and my recommendation whether you should schedule Cyclorama in your next vacation plan.

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013,466 miles are the actual travel miles with the trailer since 1 November 2003 when I left Emmett, Idaho until today (Sep 24, 2021) where I am located in Boise, Idaho.

They do not include daily trip miles for morning coffee or trips to scenic/tourist locations etc.