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Foggys Notion Restaurant
Was Visited by the Traveling Webmaster on 27 March 2004.
Pictures Were Taken And Are Included Below.

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Destination :      Foggys Notion Restaurant

Category :      Restaurant / Fun Eatery

Location :      City : San Diego     State : California

When :      Any Time

Reason to Visit :      The atmosphere will keep you busy for hours. It is a very large building that is nearly a football field in length. Everything one can imagine is inside Foggy's Notion. Either hanging from the ceiling or against the wall. There is not a bare square inch on the inside walls that isn't covered by something; post cards, business cards, photos, movie posters etc. There is even a fully assembled fire truck from the early 1900's hanging from the roof! Even the tables are covered with stuff then clear coated over.

The place is absolutely unique and amazing. In addition to the traditional bar spirits they serve a great assortment of greasy foods as well.

If you just want to drink and munch on the peanuts. That's OK too. Just walk up to the Elaphant, pull his nose down and fill your bowl. Oh yes don't bother throwing the peanut shells in to the trash can. Just toss them on to the floor.

Foggy's Notion Restaurant
3655 Sports Arena Blvd.
San Diego, California
(619) 222-2791

From Interstate 5 south or Interstate 8 west head for Ocean Beach and get off at the Rosecrans St. Exit. Take a left on Midway Dr. You'll see the San Diego Sports Arena. Across the street you will see the Foggy's Notion Restaurant.

Submitted By :      The Traveling Webmaster added Foggys Notion Restaurant as I had intended to visit all along.

Visted Yet During This Adventure? : Yes

Ray Plumlee's Rating :      0 Stars out of 5.

When Visited :      27 March 2004

Ray Plumlee's Comments :
Sure enough it's gone. On a day trip into the San Diego area and Tijuana, Mexico I drove down Sports Arena Boulavard and it is totally gone. One of my site visitors named Scott said that it was now a Quickie Oil change place. Well I couldn't find that. Best as I can tell it is part of a strip mall parking lot.

This is a big disapointment for me. I was looking forward to visiting "That Place Across the Street from the Sports Arena." It was truly a uniqe place.

And I have been to Foggys Notion Restaurant before in the late 1960's and again in the 1980's and 1990's.

Traveling Webmasters Comments :      Received a message 30 January 2004 from Scott who said:

"I hate to tell you this, but Foggy's Notion (my alltime favorite bar) is now a Quickie Oil change place."

Needless to say I for one am disapointed. I was looking forward to visiting Foggy's Notion (That Place Across From The Sports Arena) when I get into the San Diego area.

Traveling Webmasters Comments about his previous visit in the late 1960's and again in the 1980's and 1990's. :
I first went to Foggy's Notion Restaurant before it was named Foggy's Notion. While attending school at the San Diego Naval Training Center, I stumbled on to this place. Then it was named "That Place Across the Street from the Sports Arena."

Since then, as I was a career Navy man, I drifted through San Diego many times. Each time I always made sure I stopped by my favorite Fun Eatery. The last time was in 1995 (after I retired) when I attended an old shipmate of mine, Lieutennant Wally Lattall's, retirement ceremony.

I look forward again to stopping by and refreshing my mind's eye of the wonderous sites to see at Foggys Notion aka That Place Across the Street from the Sports Arena. I want to one more time pull the nose of the Elephant for my ration of peanuts.
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Memorible Moments: Michele from West Chester, PA Above Average 3 of 3
I AM ALSO SO SHOCKED AND SADDENED TO THINK FOGGY'S IS GONE!: K from Rochester, New York Oustanding 22 of 22
When I was: Yohei from Tokyo Unacceptable 2 of 2
Its where i grew up: Elizabeth from San Diego Unacceptable 2 of 2
Rob Moreno, my favorite bartender: Pamela Fleming from Orlando, Florida Above Average 2 of 2
SWEEEEEEEEEET: Bob from Saginaw, MI Oustanding 3 of 3
Did Foggy's ever re-open?: Rick from Texas Oustanding 1 of 1
Former Doorman at Foggy's Notion: Joshua DeCarl from Marin, CA Unacceptable 10 of 12
I worked for 14 yrs: Charlotte from San Diego, Ca Oustanding 7 of 7
Bar Wars!!!: Drew from Tucson (as in Bum Steer) Oustanding 6 of 6
Missing my Notion: Vicci Loveccho ( from Chicago IL Oustanding 2 of 2
A Terrible Loss: Suni from Florida Oustanding 3 of 3
Foggys in the 80s: Hambone from Vero Beach, Florida Oustanding 4 of 4
Foggies in the late 80s: Steve from Dayton, OH (WPAFB) Oustanding 3 of 3
In jacksonville NOW..i miss foggys: crystal from jacksonville Oustanding 2 of 2
Remembering the past...: Debbie from Moreno Valley, CA (SoCal) Average 2 of 2
My 21st Birthday at Foggies Notion: Gregory L. Faith from Nashua, New Hampshire Oustanding 2 of 2
Foggy Memories: Hot Chick from midwest cant really say Oustanding 2 of 2
looking for someone that used to work there: Tonia from San Diego Oustanding 2 of 3
Great times and even better friends (doorman 92-94): Jerry B from Lafayette, LA. Oustanding 2 of 2
My mom worked there: Summer from San Diego, CA Oustanding 2 of 2
Hung out there every weekend: Mark from Topeka Oustanding 2 of 2
Hey Mark: Jerry B from Lafayette, LA. Oustanding 2 of 2
Best Wings and burgers decent price: Nadine from bout 20 minutes from where Foggy's was Oustanding 3 of 3
Hey Nadine: Jerry B from Lafayette, LA. Oustanding 2 of 2
hey Jerry: nadine from here Unacceptable 3 of 3
Hey Nadine: Jerry B. from Lafayette, LA Unacceptable 1 of 2
3 of Chicago's finest go Foggy: WWB - Women Without Boundaries from san diego and Chicago Above Average 2 of 2
1981-1985 wild years: Myrna Thornton from Milwaukee Wisconsin Oustanding 2 of 2
Major Bummer that it no longer exists: Karl from Warsaw, IN Oustanding 2 of 2
unforgettable place!: Richard M. Arnold from Hamilton, OH, USA Oustanding 3 of 3
1st visited in 70's: bruce stenhouse hm1/usn/ret from phoenix, az Oustanding 3 of 3
5 stars because of the folks: Sendero from Pennsylvania Above Average 2 of 2
Hi Charlotte: Mark H aka Lumpy from Los Angeles Oustanding 2 of 4
What can you say...: Tom from San Diego, CA Above Average 3 of 3
In 1970....It was still, "That Place": Paqman from Chicopee, MA USA Oustanding 6 of 6
Looking 4 people who work there between 1990-1993: Thomas from Port Orchard Wa. Oustanding 3 of 3
Should have a reunion: Jerry from Lafayette, LA Oustanding 2 of 2
Those where the (foggy) days: David (Youngster) from Land O' Lakes, Fl. Oustanding 8 of 8
foggys was great: bri from midwest Oustanding 2 of 2
Miss that place...: Gregg B from San Diego (again) Above Average 2 of 2
Foggys since early 1980s: Kriss Strand from GAinesville, FL Average 2 of 2
Foggy's in the early 80s: Thea Crosby from Santee, CA Oustanding 4 of 4
Where is the bar today???: Ron from Whittier, CA . USA Oustanding 4 of 4
A wonderful time of memories!: Kim from Scottsdale, AZ Oustanding 2 of 2
Going to miss Foggys: S. Moore from Texas Above Average 2 of 2
Miss Foggy's: David Sargent from Gig Harbor, Wa Oustanding 2 of 2
Ricky the brazilian buzz monkey: RICKYMAN from INSANDIEGO CA. Oustanding 4 of 4
I lived @ foggy's: Frank from Long Island, NY Oustanding 2 of 2
Looking for past friends from 1976-1979: David Schweizer from Harveys Lake, Pa. Unacceptable 3 of 3
You'll enjoy this: D Fogg from Columbus, Ohio Above Average 3 of 3
No Foggy's? A tragedy: Jay from Bentonville, AR USA Oustanding 2 of 2
I LOVED THIS PLACE: sherri from san diego Oustanding 3 of 3
Out back of Foggy's: John from Denver Above Average 6 of 6
The Mighty Celtic: Raymo from State College PA Oustanding 2 of 2
Great Joint!!!!!: Berk from Syracuse, NY Oustanding 4 of 4
sprocketts rocks----andy j says ymca dance at midnite: from KABUL Oustanding 1 of 1
missing foggy's: daveeldiver from Gosport,Hampshire,U,K Oustanding 1 of 1
What ever happen to Kim P? My favorite bartender: Jack from champlin, mn Oustanding 3 of 3
Hey Jack...I was just thinking about you shpucky:): Kim P. from Harrisburg, PA Oustanding 1 of 1
Green Satin Foggy's Notion Jacket for sale.: Glenn Whitney from Temecula, Ca. Oustanding 1 of 2
Foggy's Notion Revisited: Kevin Bearden from Ocala, Florida Oustanding 2 of 2
naval station headquarters: art hempfling from zanesville ohio Oustanding 2 of 2
Foggys brother?: Brent from Africa Oustanding 1 of 1
Best Bar EVER!: Tony P. from Yukon, Ok. (still a CA boy for life) Oustanding 2 of 2
Doorman/Barback 1990-91: Sean from SF Bay Area Oustanding 1 of 1
Hey Where are You Mikey O'Brien? (from Boston): Kim C from Penn Yan, NY Oustanding 1 of 1
The Old DAys: Richard Goodwin from DeFuniak Springs, Fl Oustanding 3 of 3
Nostalgia: Richard Parades from Orange County, CA Oustanding 2 of 2
Worked the door from 83 to 85: Jeff from Chula Vista, CA Oustanding 3 of 3
That Place Across From the Sports Arena/Foggys Notion: Gregg from Albion, MI USA Oustanding 3 of 3
Janitor: John from Mission Bay Average 1 of 1
On The Wall: James Wieczorek from Lake Jackson, Texas Oustanding 3 of 3
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