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Queen Mary is a Suggested Place for the Traveling Webmaster to Visit.

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Destination :      Queen Mary

Web Address :      Yes : Click Here to Visit

Category :      Entertainment / Unique

Location :      City : Long Beach     State : California

When :      Any Time

Reason to Visit :      One of the largest passenger liners ever built, the elegant Queen Mary is permanently docked in the Long Beach harbor. The city purchased her in 1967 for $3.5 million and opened the gangway after three years of renovation. There are restaurants, shops, tours, entertainment, banquet facilities and even a hotel with 365 staterooms and suites.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the magnificant ship contains beautiful wall murals and carvings made of precious and rare woods plus a large, sweeping ballroom with light fixtures and ornamentation befitting a queen.

Commissioned by the Cunard Steamship Company, Ltd. in 1934, the ship was built in Scotland. After Her Majesty Queen Mary presented her personal standard, it embarked on its maiden voyage on May 27, 1936. Her first transit across the Atlantic took only five days, from Southampton to New York in a then record time. Winning the Blue Riband for fastest North Atlantic crossings after six such trips.

Seeing service as military transport in World War II, she was given the name, "Grey Ghost" because she was painted in gray camouflage and her portholes were blacked out.

The Queen Mary contains (4) 40,000 hp turbine steam engines, has 4 propellers weighing 35 tons each, a 140 ton rudder and weighs 81,234 tons. The Queen Mary stands 140 feet tall, over 1000 feet long and 145 feet wide. When in active service she carried 1957 passengers and 1174 crew members.

Things to do:
Stay overnight, shop, dine and take a self-guided tour through the bridge, officers' quarters, engine rooms and upper decks.

A guided tour is available which includes additional areas not open to the general public.

1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, California 90802
Visitors:(562) 435-3511

The Queen Mary is located at the south end of the 710 Freeway, on the water in Long Beach. You can't miss her.

Submitted By :      The Traveling Webmaster added Queen Mary as I already intend to visit.

Visted Yet During This Adventure? :       No.   The Traveling Webmaster has not yet visited, Queen Mary during this current adventure, but once I do, I will be sure and tell you all about it. I will provide a rating and my recommendation whether you should schedule Queen Mary in your next vacation plan.
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