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Superstition Mountains
Was Visited by the Traveling Webmaster on 11 January 2004.
Pictures Were Taken And Are Included Below.

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Destination :      Superstition Mountains

Category :      Scenic / Scenic View

Location :      City : Apache Junction     State : Arizona

When :      Any Year: Spring, Fall or Winter

Reason to Visit :      These mountains were named for the many legends that surround them. The Lost Dutchman gold mine lies somewhere in these mountains. Whether this mine ever existed is unclear but many have and still do look for it.

The Indians have a legend of the Little People or "Tuar-Tums," who live below the Salt River Valley, or Valley of the Sun. Sources have claimed that "little men" that live within the mountain have been seen on top of ridges in the Superstitions , as if they were guarding something such as an entrance to an underground system.

The Superstition Mountains, rise to a height of 3,000 feet above the surrounding desert floor and dominates the eastern fringe of the Salt River Valley. Mountain peaks tower 6,000 feet above sea level and deep canyons dissect the wilderness region.

The gateway to the Superstition Mountains is the Goldfield Ghost Town. An authentic 1890's ghost town with underground mine tours. Only narrow gauge railroad in operation in Arizona (36 inches). The
Goldfield Ghost Town, as all ghost towns would not be complete without horses, wagons, carriages and of course a saloon.

To Goldfield Ghost Town go North on North Apache Trail (88) 3 to 4 miles from Apache Junction.

Submitted By :      The Traveling Webmaster added Superstition Mountains as I had intended to visit all along.

Visted Yet During This Adventure? : Yes

Ray Plumlee's Rating :      4 Stars out of 5.

When Visited :      11 January 2004

Ray Plumlee's Comments :
I Spent the day in the vicinity of the Superstition Mountains. Had lunch in Apache Junction, Arizona. Then went up to the Goldfield Ghost Town.

Superstition Mountains
Picture take at the Goldfield Miners Ghost town with the Superstition Mountains in the background.

Though a small ghost town the Goldfield Miners Ghost town did seem rather authentic. Goldfield had the usual amount of commercialism but was not too over powering like Virginia City, Nevada was. Highlight here was a gunfight show that was done by some volounteer reenactors (read for tips). I enjoyed it.

Goldfield Miners Ghost town

As I headed into the Superstition Mountains area I entered Tonto National Park. This was of particular interest to me as I am an OTR (Old Time Radio) and Classic Television enthusiast. Those of us who grew up in the 40's and 50's will remember fondly the character Tonto in the Lone Ranger program. Probably the Tonto that was most famous was the Tonto from the Classic Television Program of the Lone Ranger played by Jay Silverheels.

Tonto National Park and the Old Time Radio and Classic Television  character Tonto in the Lone Ranger program. In the Classic Television Program of the Lone Ranger he was played by Jay Silverheels

Then went on up to Tortilla Flats, Arizona also near the Superstion Mountains. It was a very winding road to get up there plus a couple of one way bridges (lake crossings). Tortilla Flats is nothing more than a saloon and eatery. They boast a population of 6.

Tortilla Flats, Arizona in the middle of the Superstion Mountains.

While I was there they had a country western band playing in an outdoor patio. They were playing classic country western music like the kind of music the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, would play. The band was pretty good. Like a dummy I forgot to get their name. If anyone out there knows their name, please contact me.

Note: Site visitor stopped by to leave a message about the band. Laurine said:

"They're just called the Tortilla Flats Band, the drummer is John Black, the bass guitarist is Steve Weitz (to the right) but I cant remember who the other guy is. They play at a steak house in Phoenix every Friday and Saturday night.

Just came back from there and saw them for the first time, great band."

Anyone know who the 3rd member is and which steak house they play at, be sure and contact me and I will add it here.


Country western band playing in an outdoor patio were playing classic country western music like the kind of music the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, would play.

Both coming and going to Tortilla Flats were numerous motor cycle (read Harley) riders. I noticed with some interest, that most of them were my age (late 40's to late 50's). I guess in their own way they are enjoying the fruits of their long lives, just like me.

Overall had a nice day. May go back up that way again one day.

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Tortilla Flat Band: Matt Dearborn from York, PA Oustanding 3 of 4
The Majestic Beauty Of The Superstition Mountain In Arizona: Marna Severn from Baltimore,Maryland Oustanding 2 of 2
Tortilla Flat Band: Bob Panzer from Zumbrota, MN USA Oustanding 1 of 1
Shadow of The Superstitions: Bonnie Rudolph from Columbus, Ohio Oustanding 1 of 4
Tortilla Flat Band: Kathryn Udrovich from Des Moines, IA Oustanding 2 of 2
Tortilla Flats Band: Doug Ries from Edmonton, Alberta Oustanding 1 of 1
Tortilla Flat Band: Doug Ries from Edmonton, Alberta Oustanding 1 of 1
MR.: W.R.Hobson from superior wisconsin Oustanding 0 of 1

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