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Worlds Longest Yard Sale is a Suggested Place for the Traveling Webmaster to Visit.

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Destination :      Worlds Longest Yard Sale

Web Address :      Yes : Click Here to Visit

Category :      Guinness / Worlds Biggest

Location :      City : Gadsden     State : Alabama

When :      Any Year: August

Reason to Visit :      The World's Longest Yard Sale is also known as the 127 sale. Each year the dates are determined by the First Thursday of the month of August. The event will officially take place that Thursday to the following Sunday for 4 days of yard sale heaven!

More than 450 miles and thousands of yard sale vendors. Starting on the 93 mile Lookout Mountain Parkway route from Gadsden, Alabama and ending in Cincinnati, Ohio. Everything from antiques, collectibles, furniture, dishwares, fresh garden produce, homemade jams and jellies, food vendors, live entertainment etc.

Yard sale begins at the Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, Alabama on top of Lookout Mountain. Follow Tabor Road, across from Noccalula Falls. This becomes Alabama 176. Follow 176 to the Dogtown Community and continue through the 4-way stop. The road then becomes DeKalb County 89. Stay on 89 through Five Points, Fort Payne, Fischer, DeSoto State Park. From Mentone, Alabama turn right onto Alabama 117 and follow it into Georgia where it becomes Georgia Road #48. Goy straight for a short distance before turning left on GA 157, then left on 136, right on 189 then right on 157 again. You will be directly in front of Rock City where you travel down Lookout Mountain and pick up TN 27 to the U.S. 127 Corridor for the rest of the yard sale where it ends in Cincinnati, Ohio. The road winds around a bit around in Chattanooga as you approach the 127 Corridor.

Simply reverse these directions if you choose to follow the route from North to South. Although the entire Yard Sale goes from Gadsden to Cincinnati, you can jump in anywhere in between. Lots of road side treasures await you from one end to the other and everywhere in between.

Submitted By :      The Traveling Webmaster added Worlds Longest Yard Sale as I already intend to visit.

Visted Yet During This Adventure? :       No.   The Traveling Webmaster has not yet visited, Worlds Longest Yard Sale during this current adventure, but once I do, I will be sure and tell you all about it. I will provide a rating and my recommendation whether you should schedule Worlds Longest Yard Sale in your next vacation plan.
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fun, fun, fun great adventure: Mary F from Munford, Alabama Oustanding 6 of 7
noccalula road yard saler: denise from al Oustanding 7 of 9

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