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Date: August 23, 2005
Reviewer: Kevin from From Palm Springs now in Passau Germany.
Review Title:: Galatic Integrator and Gold Mining near Giant Rock.
Rating: 4 Stars (or Above Average).
Comments: Great old photos of Giant Rock!

I had never seen a picture of the old restaurant but have some friends local to Palm Springs that used to go there om the weekends for breakfast with their parents to watch planes land and talk to pilots. Apparently the pilots came from all around to have breakfast near Joshua Tree and shoot the shit.

Also great pictures of the Galatic Integrator. What fun .. the festival gets some really strange people with purple hair etc. coming to BEAM the aliens from Vega. Very interesting. The guy who built it used no nails or iron in the construction of the building so as not to disurb the magnetic flux. Very interestingly, he had three roughly round loop antennas hanging from the ceiling that could be rotated independently at fairly good speed. He used capacitors and occilators connected to the middle antenna to tune the feild produced by the other two concentric loop antennas. All claimms by him of aliens design aside, it looked much like a power generating EM amplifying antennae invented by Nicoli Tesla aorund the turn of the century. If the equipment in the Glactic Integrator was good or not is still a question but it was scary enough to the army that they removed all but the antennas upon the mans death.

One more fun story is at the last cafe in Landers on the way to Giant Rock. It seems Bruce Stringstein and his buds were riding their Harleys to Josuha Tree and stopped at the cafe. The daughter of the owner was badly crippled. Bruce returned a short ime later, paid for an operation to fix her legs and then went to the local high school to tell them not to do drugs. They still have lots of pictures of Bruce on the walls of the cafe and very good steaks to boots.

If you travel further up the road past Giant Rock until it ends you will find the old Los Padres Mine ( it is shown on some local maps) My friend's
father and his uncle owned the claim there for some time until it was taken over by the Atomic Energy Commision for use of seismic earthquake detectors. They liked th 1/2 long tunnel into the mountain for this purpose. There is one room in
the mine called the blue room that is nearly solid turqoise with green malachite streaks .. quite beautiful. We used to go gold mining their for fun and once found a small vein of 30 ounces per ton.
The lower mine entrance is blocked by a thick stainless steel door from th Atomic Energy Commision and the upper entrances by cave in.

It used to be quite fun to be down in the mine 150 feet or so when they started using the artilery range at the Twenty-Nine Palms base that adjoins it. You can still see where some artilery shots have gone astray and dug holes near the mine. The explosions made the oddest thruming sound when your are that far underground.

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