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May 2009-? Boise, Idaho
The Travel Adventure is on hold indefinitely. Read my blog entry here about why.
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Logo for the Traveling Webmaster at Have Web Sites Will Travel who will design database enabled web sites while on his adventure. He is currently located in Meridian, Idaho. The Traveling Webmaster has been on this adventure for 4828 days. His next destination is , .  He will be there on or about   .

4,828 Days Since The Adventure Began!

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Boise, Idaho
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Meridian, Idaho
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Last Update: 19 May 2009

Happy 46th Birthday to my son Ray!

We List 17 Must Visit Destinations. The last one added was:

Victoria Falls, Nahanni River, Northwest Territories, Canada

Would You Like To Suggest One?

I have decided to have a little fun and find out what my web site visitors, who are either travelers themselves or wanta be travelers, consider to be the all time best places to visit. Even though this is very subjective and subject to a lot of personal opinion. That's Ok. I want to visit those kind of places and need help finding all of them.

There are obvious places such as the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Lake Tahoe, The Eiffel Tower etc. The list, I am sure, is enormous. And the only way I am going to find all those "Must Visit Places" is to ask you for some help.

If you don't see your destination among the "Top 10" you can see the entire list here: See Complete Popular List

Ray Plumlee
Traveling Webmaster

Top 10 Must Visit Places In The World

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1.  Grand Canyon  ARIZONA USA  Votes: 1114    No Comments.   Add One Here:
2.  Loch Ness   Scotland  Votes: 1023    No Comments.   Add One Here:
3.  Grangemouth   Ireland  Votes: 895    No Comments.   Add One Here:
4.  USS Constitution aka Old Ironsides  Massachusetts USA  Votes: 885    No Comments.   Add One Here:
5.  Carlsbad Caverns  New Mexico USA  Votes: 806    No Comments.   Add One Here:
6.  Stonehenge   England  Votes: 792    No Comments.   Add One Here:
7.  Yosemite National Park  California USA  Votes: 745    No Comments.   Add One Here:
8.  Niagra Falls  Ontario Canada  Votes: 570    No Comments.   Add One Here:
9.  Empire State Building  New York USA  Votes: 539    No Comments.   Add One Here:
10.  Orient Express, The   France  Votes: 539    No Comments.   Add One Here:
See Complete Popular List

Don't see your destination in the complete list?
Suggest A New "Destination" Here:

Destination Name :
State/Province :
Tip: When suggesting a "Must Travel" to destination try to make it the lowest level or name of the specific destination. Example: When adding a destination such as "Old Faithful Geyser" don't use "Yellowstone National Park" because there are many other attarctions in Yosemite that should be on this list and should be listed seperately on their own merit.

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013,466 miles are the actual travel miles with the trailer since 1 November 2003 when I left Emmett, Idaho until today (Jan 19, 2017) where I am located in Meridian, Idaho.

They do not include daily trip miles for morning coffee or trips to scenic/tourist locations etc.