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Traveling Webmaster's Captain's Log

Please Note:
I have programmed a custom WebLog or Blog program that is now online here. Below you still can view my older Journal.

Here I am chronologing my travels around North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico), also known as my American Odyssey. With this diary or Captain's Log (Travel Journal or Travelog) I will provide a "trip report" for the reader telling them where I have visited and what adventures I have had. Primarily from the perspective of a tourist. Not necessarily my work log though I may do some of that too, especially in the early days as I build the sites resources. Initially I used it to detail my efforts in getting prepared for the adventure. Also it will serve a very important function of allowing me to fantasize about my upcoming destinations.

I will try to keep this Captain's Log (Travel Journal) up to date at least weekly. For details between Captain's Log Entries visit my: ?sitrep=yes&article=">Situation Report (SitRep)

Ray Plumlee

P.S.  While I am hanging around the Boise, Idaho area, updates to this Journal will be less frequent than it is when i am on the open road. It will likely be a monthly update.

The Captain's Log

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