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May 2009-? Boise, Idaho
The Travel Adventure is on hold indefinitely. Read my blog entry here about why.
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Logo for the Traveling Webmaster at Have Web Sites Will Travel who will design database enabled web sites while on his adventure. He is currently located in Meridian, Idaho. The Traveling Webmaster has been on this adventure for 4829 days. His next destination is , .  He will be there on or about   .

4,829 Days Since The Adventure Began!

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Boise, Idaho
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Meridian, Idaho
Temp: 70 °F

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Last Update: 19 May 2009

Happy 46th Birthday to my son Ray!

Latest Press Release at Have Web Sites Will Travel

Traveling Webmaster Press Release for July 12th 2005

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 12th 2005 Mission Day 619

Contact: Thurman "Ray" Plumlee

Have Web Sites Will Travel:     Traveling Webmaster has encountered his first reason to make a major modification to his adventure's travel schedule.

McCall, Idaho -- U.S. Navy retiree, Thurman "Ray" Plumlee, in his second career as a Traveling Webmaster, on the land cruise of his life was in Boise, Idaho for the birth of his first grandchild. Ellery Dulcena Plumlee was born in Nampa, Idaho on Christmas Eve 24 December 2004.

It was very important to the Traveling Webmaster that he was available to his son and daughter-in-law during this momentous occasion so he changed his travel schedule to allow him to be in the Boise area during the winter of 2004 and 2005. He broke one of the main rules of his adventure, which is to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But he felt that the occasion was important enough to make the schedule change. Thus a command decision was made. Fortunately, the winter was a very mild one and a very pleasant winter.

Despite this pause in his adventure he is well underway on his tour of North America including every state in the continental United States, Alaska, all Canadian Provinces and all Northern Mexico states in a 5th wheel travel trailer. He plans this excursion to last well into the for seeable future. Or until he gets tired of seeing new places.

To date he has been to the states of Idaho (where his travel adventure began), Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and back to Idaho. Additionally, he had his first visit to Mexico with a day trip to Tijuana. His "Home Ports" in these states were Boise, Idaho, Carson City and Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix, Arizona, Hemmet, California (Southern California Home Port), Kingsburgh, California (Central California Home Port), Eugene, Lafayette, Tillamook, Oregon and Elma Washington. Some of the highlights of his adventure to date have been Lake Tahoe, Hoover Dam, the Barringer Crater (or Meteor Crater), the Pima Air and Space Museum, Titan Missile Museum (one of my top Favorites), Giant Rock Airport, the Salton Sea, and Tijuana, Mexico, Calico Ghost Town, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grad Night at Disneyland, Ashland Oregon' Shakespeare Festival, Crater Lake, The Spruce Goose, Tillamook Naval Air Station Air Musem, Mount Saint Helens Volcano Visitor Center, Damage Control Olympics at the Bangor Submarine Base, Bangor Fest or Boomer Fest at Bangor Submarine Base, Submarine Deterant Park at Bangor Submarine Base. These were just the highlights. I saw many more neat places!

From his 28 plus year career in the Navy he has adopted a Naval theme for his adventure. Naming his Land Yacht (5th wheel travel trailer) the "American Odyssey" and using nautical terms to describe the progress of his adventure. Nautical terms such as Home Port, Underway, Inport, Enroute, Weigh Anchor, Drop Anchor, etc.

Now that Ray Plumlee's Odyssey is well underway he is also known as the Traveling Webmaster who is in search of adventure and new horizons as he continues to grow his online business. During his Navy career he has crossed the country (coast to coast), by automobile, three times. Plus one time upon his retirement in 1994 he drove across Canada from New London, Connecticut to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where he then turned south into the U.S. finally arriving in Emmett, Idaho (near Boise). Six months after his arrival his father (Thurman Stephan Plumlee) passed away. In May of 1999, after his mother (Vera Mae "Seay" Plumlee) passed away from cancer, he moved to Meridian, Idaho where he lived until this adventure began.

During his 28 plus years, in the Navy, he was constantly on the move, traveling not only around the country but around the world visiting in 38 countries. Including living in Japan for 5 years and Scotland for 5 years. Though not out of the country he also lived over 3 years in Hawaii. Invariably, after so many years playing the part of a rolling stone (gathering very little moss), he cultivated himself a set of "itchy feet." A phrase his father always used to indicate it was time to move again. His dad would say "my feet are beginning to itch. It's time to move."

As Ray travels around the country he is doing double duty. One as a web programmer and webmaster (for over 300 domains), the other as a tourist. He believes that America is the greatest untapped tourist destination in the world. His plan is to see as many places as possible no matter how long it takes. When seeing many of those places before he only had a fleeting chance to visit as he was often only passing through. Even more places he only dreamed of visiting. When he reached his 100 mission days milestone he realized more than ever that the mission he has assigned himself is, more than ever, a noble one, an exciting one and one that is just plain fun!

Armed with his laptop computer, a satellite internet connection, a backup wireless internet connection, and staying connected with his clients by use of a toll free telephone number directed to one of his cell phones, he is continuing his web programming business. With this ability to stay "connected" and that he only travels one or two day's at a time, usually over a weekend, then he spends 3 to 4 weeks (and as long as two months) in each location, before again moving on to the next location. To date his longest stay was 6 months in the Boise, Idaho area to observe the birth of his first grandchild. He is truly the worlds first Traveling Webmaster.

Each of Ray's travel destinations are, what he calls, his "Home Port." The purpose of these Home Ports are to allow him to have a central location to operate from, allowing him to branch out and around in the general area of the Home Port on day trips, visiting all the tourist destinations worth seeing in the area before moving on to the next Home Port. All the time working web programming projects for his clients.

By now you must of guessed how he came up with the name of his web site: Have Web Sites Will Travel. It was inspired by the 1940's and 1950's radio show starring John Dehner and the 1950's TV (television) show starring Richard Boone, entitled "Have Gun Will Travel". As a child growing up I either listened to or watched "Have Gun Will Travel" for years. Even today I have dozens of copies of the OTR (Old Time Radio) program "Have Gun Will Travel" in my collection of OTR programs. Lately the old TV show "Have Gun Will Travel" with Richard Boone have been released on DVD. I have been adding them to my DVD collection of classic TV shows.

As the Traveling Webmaster prepares for his turn back south, in his current home port of Central Idaho (actual location McCall, Idaho), he is preparing to move on to his next home port to experience new wonders and adventures.

For more information on this exciting adventure, view the web site at: or contact Ray here.

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013,466 miles are the actual travel miles with the trailer since 1 November 2003 when I left Emmett, Idaho until today (Jan 20, 2017) where I am located in Meridian, Idaho.

They do not include daily trip miles for morning coffee or trips to scenic/tourist locations etc.